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Major Virginia Race Is Crumbling For Democrats – Trump’s Man Surges As McAuliffe Makes Multiple Missteps

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Democrats are scrambling in the race for Virginia governor. It should have been an easy win for leftist-controlled VA running a former Democrat governor, but it appears the race is much closer than anyone expected.

The Trump-endorsed Republican Glenn Youngkin is surging without hauling top stars in, while the Democrat lined up Barack Obama, Stacey Abrams, and other celebrities to drag him across the line.

And signs are pointing that the Democrat candidate could fail. His mistakes and problems are mounting up.

From Red State:

Former Virginia Gov. Doug Wilder – a Democrat and the only black governor in the state’s history – absolutely unloaded on McAuliffe during an interview with a local TV station, hitting him right where it hurts: black voters…

On top of Wilder’s blistering attack of McAuliffe yesterday was a surprising report from CBS News this week which highlighted how Youngkin was appealing to independent voters who had previously supported Democrats.

Democrats are losing support among people who previously voted for them. McAuliffe admitted Biden was unpopular, but still turned to Biden for help, just as the man is tanking in the polls in Virginia.

From Daily Wire:

In a new poll conducted of likely Virginia voters, the approval numbers for President Biden, who won the state by 10 points in 2020 over former President Trump, are underwater by a whopping ten points, with 42% of respondents approving of his performance as president while 52% of respondents disapproved.

Democrat candidate for Virginia governor, Terry McAuliffe is struggling as election day nears. Polls have him in a dead heat with Republican candidate Glenn Youngkin, who enjoys the endorsement of Donald Trump. On top of that, McAuliffe is facing several painful setbacks that could cost him the race.

McAuliffe outraged parents when he said they don’t have the right to decide their children’s education. He tried to backtrack and deny he said this, but it hasn’t worked. A former Virginia governor, Democrat Doug Wilder, blasted McAuliffe for being unable to appeal to black voters.

And now we are learning that many Democratic voters are turning on McAuliffe over the left’s ever-growing government restrictions. Some of them, who have already voted for Glenn Youngkin, cited the infamous mandates, closed schools, and other abuses of power.

Add to that the fact that Joe Biden is underwater in the liberal state, even after winning it by 10 points. Biden enjoyed the largest (and suspicious) margin of victory by a Democrat in VA since FDR. But today, his approval is a dismal 42%. But that didn’t stop McAuliffe from recruiting him to help. That can’t go over well for many voters.

Then there’s this little chestnut:

Feel the electricity course through your veins

Ugh, how embarrassing is that, folks? Can a Democrat candidate get any whiter and cringier? Does Terry think this is going to win over the youth and minority voters?

We don’t think so. Look out for a big upset on Tuesday, November 2nd.

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