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Red Wave Just Broke Over Washington – Poll Shows 85 Battleground Districts Have Republicans In The Lead

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As the Joe Biden administration continues to face mounting economic concerns, the polls keep shifting — and this could have major implications on the midterm elections in 2022.

According to many recent polls, the President’s approval rating has slipped significantly in the past few months. And on the flip side, Republicans are enjoying a surge of popularity.

That’s evidenced by a new poll that might spell trouble for Democrats.

The National Republican Congressional Committee (NRCC) released the results of a startling new survey, and it paints a bleak picture for left-wing politicians.

The numbers are starting to turn in favor of the GOP, which indicates a potential “red wave” in the near future. In fact, that red wave could be gigantic, depending on how each district performs.

The news doesn’t get any better for Democrats, either.

The report shows that Biden is rapidly losing the support of many groups that helped vote him into office. This includes Hispanics (down 5 percent) and college-educated white voters (down 3 percent).

The result is this (via Breitbart):

The National Republican Congressional Committee (NRCC) released a Democrat-damning poll report on Tuesday, showing the GOP leading on the generic ballot in 85 battleground congressional districts, 43 percent to 40 percent.

The report says voters are now experiencing “Biden Remorse” due to the “incompetence” of Democrats, which is a common complaint among Republican voters around the country.

Most notably, the report cited a reversal in Biden’s approval: 51 percent approval earlier in the year, to 51 percent disapproval in October.

And this approval swing has come “almost entirely” from independent voters, as 54 percent of that group disapprove of Biden’s job performance. Only 39 percent approve.

So now, GOP candidates lead in 85 battleground congressional districts, and Republicans also hold a lead in critical topics:

Republicans have a decisive advantage on the issues most important to voters.

This includes the economy, border security, and rising inflation concerns. We’ve recently seen polls and surveys that show many Americans believe Biden isn’t addressing any of these issues.

The report concludes by saying, “voters understand the negative consequences of Democrats’ policies.

Other stats include: 52 percent believe Democrats DON’T enforce the country’s laws, and 58 percent believe “Defund the Police” has resulted in rising crime.

In the end, it certainly appears as if the apparent failures of the Biden administration are fueling a Republican surge. And consequently, that “red wave” could prove to be very real next year.

Source: Breitbart