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After MSM Cameraman Goes After Matt Gaetz – The Feds Arrest And Indict Him Over His Threatening Call

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The media doesn’t like to showcase stories like these. So, we’ll go ahead and do it. Often, the left likes to hype up supposed accounts where conservatives “threaten” or otherwise act out. They use these incidents to frame all conservatives as dangerous “radicals.”

But more often than not, the most unstable and disturbing folks all come from the left. Take, for instance, Eugene Huelsman. He was a cameraman out of Hollywood, who worked for various MSM networks. Oh, and he made threatening phone called to Republican Matt Gaetz against his family.

Fortunately, this man is facing justice.

From NY Post:

A California man was busted for threatening to kill Rep. Matt Gaetz and shoot his children in a profanity-laced phone message to the Florida Republican’s office, reports said.

Eugene Huelsman was arrested last week in the Los Angeles area for a January call to Gaetz’s office, according to Politico…

Huelsman, of Thousand Oaks, is apparently a longtime camera operator in TV and film, with work including “Late Night with Conan O’Brien,” according to Politico. He also did work for ABC and CNN, according to Fox.

Woah, now that’s a doozy. A man who used to work as a camera operator for major networks found the phone number of Florida Rep. Matt Gaetz. Soon after the events of January 6th, he called the Republican, threatening to hurt him and his family.

The phone recordings leave little to the imagination. Huelsman mentions Gaetz and his family, promising to kill them, in a profanity-filled message. Authorities have arrested this man and appear to be charging him.

Previously, Gaetz revealed in a speech on the House floor that federal investigators had been sitting on this case. The threats happened all the way back in January, but an arrest only happened now. Gaetz believed there was movement only because he called them out in his speech.

What could have happened between January and now? What if this deranged man acted on his statements? Is this acceptable at all from our investigators? Imagine if this happened to Nancy Pelosi or self-proclaimed queen AOC? These people enjoy tax-funded private cars, for goodness’ sake. If someone had called them, the FBI would be storming their house in hours.

Yet when a Republican receives terrifying threats against his family, it takes ten months for action. Unacceptable.

Source: NY Post