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Donald Trump Waves The Flag On 2024 – The Billionaire Admits He Is Willing To Stay In America To Run

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Plenty of Americans have been hoping Donald Trump announces another run for the White House. While he has dropped hints—and his allies have said plenty—he has stopped short of making an official announcement.

But it seems we are getting closer to the big day.

Trump has been dropping clues about his 2024 plans for a while. Recently, he commented on one of the left’s worst ideas: taking the rich of wealth they do not have. Trump warned that would compel many wealthy folks to flee the country. Then he dropped this bombshell.

From The Western Journal:

“Where will wealthy people and companies move to, leaving the United States high and dry? Most don’t need to be in the U.S. anyway. I know all of those very smartly run countries, and they are all thrilled by what the Radical Left maniacs are doing in Congress.

“I just wonder, will I be allowed to run for president again if I move to another country? No, I guess I’ll just stick it out, but most others won’t!”

Trump revealed he was going to stay in America, even as other billionaires may flee to save their billions from taxes. Worries have arisen after Democrats discussed taxing the rich of wealthy they haven’t even earned. The 45th president predicted that such a tax would force rich Americans to relocate to other countries.

He then said if he left America, he would not be “allowed” to run for president again. And because of that, he said he would “stick it out.” Adding after that, most other billionaires wouldn’t be so patriotic. This has been one of the clearest signs that Trump plans to launch a campaign for the presidency soon.

Trump had previously stated he was not announcing a campaign because of numerous “outdated” campaign finance laws. It appears restrictions on how campaign funds can be used prevents him from launching a campaign today. Perhaps he will wait until after 2022 when the midterms are over.

Some of his allies have claimed, after meeting with Trump during critical summits, that he is “all in” for 2024. Trump himself has been throwing rallies once again, specifically appearing at states key to the primaries. While he has mustered up greater enthusiasm than we have ever seen, he has yet to announce a run.

But this message should give millions of Americans hope. If Trump could defy the odds and turn America around one time, he can do it again.

Source: The Western Journal