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First Media Outlets Calls Virginia For Glenn Youngkin Dealing Huge Blow To Joe Biden

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Glenn Youngkin and the state of Virginia just sent an unmistakable message to President Joe Biden and Chuck and Nancy. Youngkin just shook up the political world and turned Virginia red by beating Clinton bag man Terry McAuliffe in the first big election since 2020.

Buzzfeed was the first media outlet to call the race. The big winner besides Youngkin is former President Donald Trump as the Dems thought turning Youngkin into a Trump clone would sink him.

To their horror it did not sink him in fact it appears to have carried Glenn over the finish line, he outperformed Trump in some rural counties. Youngkin also closed the gap in the suburbs.

The news gets worse for the Dems, Republican Jason Miyares is close to defeating incumbent Democrat Attorney General Mark Herring in the AG race.

From CNN:

It will be another test of how effective it is for Democrats to tie down ballot Republicans to Trump when he’s not on the ballot.

That strategy paid off well for Democratic Gov. Gavin Newsom in California when he avoided being removed from office earlier this year, but Virginia is nowhere near as blue as the Golden State, nor is Youngkin as easily painted as a Trump acolyte as was Newsom’s GOP opponent.

Despite McAuliffe’s efforts to demonize Youngkin as a Trump warrior, who has said the former President “represents so much of why I’m running,” the Republican’s campaign has presented him as a non-threatening, fleece-vest-wearing Northern Virginia dad and businessman who coached basketball in his free time.

Youngkin wooed suburban voters by digging into the GOP’s culture wars — promising to protect law enforcement funding amid concerns about rising crime nationally, rejecting Covid-19 vaccine mandates for teachers and state workers, and vowing that Virginia schools will not “teach our children to view everything through a lens of race.”

At a time when the electorate has increasingly embraced newcomers to politics, Youngkin has portrayed his rival as the ultimate political insider as the former chair of the Democratic National Committee and a leading fundraiser for Bill and Hillary Clinton over decades.