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Trump Takes Victory Lap As GOP Candidates Crush Dem Rivals In Virginia Races

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It was a bad night for the Dem Party who saw sweeping losses across the northeast. The backlash against Pelosi and Biden is real and it is not going anywhere.

The New Jersey governor’s race, an election everyone thought was safe for the Dems, is tied as of the next day. That is a loss for the left even if the Dem candidate pulls it off as they have zero chance to keep the House and Senate in 2022 running even in New Jersey. Zero chance. 

“Let’s climb that hill together. Let’s reinvigorate our future, let’s reinvigorate this amazing commonwealth of Virginia. Together, together, together, together we can build a new day, a new day for Virginians where yes, we soar and we never settle,” Youngkin said in his victory speech but the night belonged to Trump who took a well-deserved victory lap after watching the Dems get wiped out.

In Virginia not only did Youngkin win, but it is looking like the GOP won a clean sweep of the top three offices and took back control of the legislature.

Trump said:

“I would like to thank my BASE for coming out in force and voting for Glenn Youngkin. Without you, he would not have been close to winning. The MAGA movement is bigger and stronger than ever before.

“Glenn will be a great governor. Thank you to the people of the Commonwealth of Virginia and most particularly, to our incredible MAGA voters!

“It is looking like Terry McAuliffe’s campaign against a certain person named “Trump” has very much helped Glenn Youngkin. 

“All McAuliffe did was talk Trump, Trump, Trump and he lost! What does that tell you, Fake News? I guess people running for office as Democrats won’t be doing that too much longer. 

“I didn’t even have to go rally for Youngkin, because McAuliffe did it for me. Thank you to the MAGA voters for turning out big!”