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After Biden’s Energy Secretary Asked About Gas Prices – For 5 Seconds, Jennifer Granholm Laughs, Then Blames OPEC

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Americans cringed when Biden announced his cabinet. That’s because the people selected to run major agencies were largely unfit for their jobs. Leftist activists are running organizations they historically opposed. And the results have been only pain for the American people.

Biden’s energy policy, largely shaped by the Department of Energy, has led to a fuel crisis. His left-wing environmental agenda has caused energy prices to soar, even as the Winter months close in. Recently, his energy secretary was asked about lowering gas prices. This is what she did.

From YouTube:

President Joe Biden’s Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm laughed when asked about President Joe Biden’s plans to lower gas prices, during a segment on Bloomberg’s “Surveillance” with Tom Keene, Jon Ferro, Lisa Abramowicz, and Paul Sweeney on 11/5/2021.

When asked about Biden allowing America to pump more oil in order to lower fuel prices, his energy secretary laughed in the reporter’s face. Once it seemed she realized he was being serious, she pushed the administration’s narrative that it is OPEC’s fault that we are suffering from high fuel prices.

Funny how OPEC had very little impact on our fuel prices, back when Donald Trump was president. Why was that? Oh, because American was producing more energy than anyone else in the world. We were dominating the market, meaning we could afford to heat our homes and get to work.

Biden’s administration has so little concern for helping Americans that they laugh in the face of a basic question. Americans can’t even gas up their cars, and Granholm is laughing. The energy secretary—the woman in charge of Biden’s energy plan—can’t even help Americans pay for their fuel.

What does that tell you about Biden’s administration as a whole?

But maybe this laughter is a sign of something else? Maybe this woman wants to lower gas prices, maybe even help Americans heat their homes this Christmas. But she can’t, because she knows the administration is being controlled by the far left. Biden will never drop his restrictions on American energy production because he simply does whatever environmentalists tell him.

But considering this woman once scolded Americans for not driving electric cars, I doubt it.

Source: YouTube