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Pelosi’s Congress Majority Just Took A Major Hit – She Loses Another Democrat Ally And His Seat Might Flip Red, Butterfield Of NC

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Democrats currently hold a slim majority in the House, but Republicans are hoping to flip it back to red in 2022. Right now, it seems possible that the GOP will do well in the midterm elections.

Additionally, Democrats are losing allies via retirement, which potentially gives Republicans another edge. As a result, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi might be a little worried.

Now, Pelosi has another reason to worry.

With the Speaker’s Democrat majority in danger of disappearing soon, it’s tough to lose valuable allies. This goes double for allies who have historically sided with Pelosi on key issues.

Rep. G.K. Butterfield (D-NC) reportedly plans to retire from Congress — the official announcement should arrive within the next 24 hours.

And when that happens, Pelosi will have lost one of her closest comrades in the House. Rep. Butterfield is a staunch leftist politician, who routinely backs liberal policies across the board.

This is someone the Speaker could rely upon for support, regardless of the topic at hand.

In fact, Butterfield always backed Pelosi when it came to House voting, so it’s even more of a loss for Nancy and her fellow Democrats. It also means that Republicans are ready to pounce.

From Breitbart:

While serving his tenth term in Congress, Butterfield has voted with the speaker 100 percent of the time in the current 117th Congress, not turning away from helping Pelosi pass partisan agenda ideas such as the infrastructure package.

The congressman’s retirement leaves his seat open for a brutal Democrat primary for new candidates vying for his seat.

However, Republicans — who have been trending upwards in multiple generic ballots — are looking to flip his seat red in the midterms.

The GOP has been trending upward in recent months, and most polling shows Republican candidates beating their Democrat counterparts.

And as liberal politicos continue to push their partisan agenda, the GOP – and much of right-wing America – keeps fighting back. Given the current environment, “red waves” appear likely.

This could affect Rep. Butterfield’s empty seat, too.

The National Republican Campaign Committee (NRCC) announced earlier this month that they’ll be gunning for Butterfield’s position. The GOP seems confident in the future as well.

Said NRCC Communications Director Micheal McAdams:

Democrats have two choices: retire or lose. The smart ones are retiring.

It’s yet another difficult loss for Speaker Pelosi, who continues to lose allies in her battle to hold onto the majority.

Last month, Rep. David Price (D-NC) also revealed his retirement plans, and he too was a close friend of Pelosi’s. He’s been in office since 1987 and like Butterfield, typically voted with Nancy.

With the midterms coming up fast, Pelosi’s Democrats find themselves in an increasingly tenuous position.

As approval numbers for the Biden administration tumble and Americans grow more and more frustrated with the direction of the country, the ruling party becomes vulnerable.

That ruling party has been the Democrats since January, when Joe Biden won the White House and the Blue team took hold of the House and Senate. However, things haven’t gone especially well since then.

At this point, many experts are predicting big losses for the Democrats in the midterms.

And Republican leaders are starting to feel awfully comfortable and confident, because retirements like Butterfield’s and a general upswing in the polls point toward a red tidal wave in 2022.

Source: Breitbart