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GOP Red Wave Turns Into A Tsunami – 3 ‘Hotly Contested’ Democrat Incumbents Just Got Moved To Toss-Ups

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You’d think that after that bloodletting Democrats got this election season, they would have seen the light. But apparently, they took their massive losses in Virginia as a sign they weren’t left enough. Pelosi rushed through the “infrastructure” bill, thinking that would save their bacon.

Hasn’t worked out that way. Despite that legislative “win,” Biden’s numbers are still tanking. His VP is doing much worse. There are rumors that the in-fighting will lead to her getting replaced. And now, it looks like three “safe” Senate seats are now toss-ups.

From The Hill:

The Senate contests in Arizona, Georgia and Nevada once leaned toward Democrats. That changed on Friday, when the nonpartisan election handicapper reclassified them as toss-up races, meaning that they could go in either direction.

All three seats are currently held by Democratic incumbents, Sens. Mark Kelly (Ariz.), Raphael Warnock (Ga.) and Catherine Cortez Masto (Nev.).

Plenty of talk has been about how Republicans could retake the House in the 2022 midterms. But now it looks like their chances are retaking the Senate (after only two years) is becoming more likely. Because a nonpartisan election group has reclassified three seats as toss-ups.

These seats, from conservative or battleground states, were previously considered shoe-ins for Democrats. But it appears Biden’s ongoing failures have shaken the party’s chances far more than anyone expected.

Biden’s first year has been a disaster. Instead of “build back better,” his presidency has triggered on crisis after another. Inflation is out of control. Gas prices keep rising. And the supply chain crisis is threatening the holiday season.

Worse than that, Democrats in Congress haven’t even tried to check Biden. They are only concerned with passing his bloated, socialist spending bill. Even as Biden betrays Americans’ trust, Democrats are looking the other way.

Add to that the fact that these senators are coming from states with strong conservative representation, these senators might be looking for new jobs soon.

Source: The Hill