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Federal Judge Drops The Gavel On Nancy Pelosi – He Will Rule On Case Against Her Filed By House Republicans

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Plenty has been said about Nancy Pelosi’s inability to function as House Speaker. But apparently, it’s worse than we thought.

She sat back as radical members of her party took over. She did nothing as fellow Democrats spread anti-Israel and anti-Semitic propaganda. And she ignored calls to negotiate and cooperate with Republicans, even as the country suffered from one crisis after another.

But it seems like she is just as bad at managing House rules as she is leading the legislative process. Apparently, she was trying to force strict mandates on House members, going as far as to reduce their salaries if they didn’t comply. Now, a group of Republicans is fighting back—taking this to a federal judge.

From Twitter:

A federal judge will hear oral arguments in Massie v Pelosi on Dec. 2nd. @RepMTG & @RepRalphNorman are co-litigants in this landmark case. Among other claims, we contend @SpeakerPelosi violated the Constitution when she reduced our salaries as punishment for us not wearing masks.

Pelosi demanded all congressmen wear masks while serving in the House. This rule was apparently required regardless of that congress member’s vaccination status. Those who refused to bow to Herr Pelosi were punished with reduced salaries. We had previously heard Pelosi forbade unmasked folks from even entering the house, something that was reversed.

Thomas Massie and other representatives believe Pelosi was violating the Constitution by pushing this mandate. So, they are suing her—the case appearing before a federal judge. If the judge rules in Republicans’ favor, it could spell bad news for Pelosi and the Democrats.

Pelosi could be fined. She might be forced to pay back the money she’s withheld from House members. Her mandate could be overturned. More than that, this ruling could set a precedent over what a House Speaker can or cannot do.

That is definitely needed since Pelosi seems much more concerned with her power than with helping the American people. A good House Speaker needs to bring both parties together to pass meaningful bills for the country. But have we ever seen Pelosi do that? She has even refused to listen to the concerns of her own party, let alone Republicans.

Hopefully, this judge will make the right ruling.

Source: Twitter