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The Virginia Recount Was Just Completed – Judge Confirms Control Of The Virginia House And Sweep By Republicans

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Plenty has been said about last month’s Virginia elections. Democrats were devastated when Republican newcomer, Glenn Youngkin, was elected governor. Along with him were elected Republican lieutenant governor and state attorney general.

But Democrats refused to be defeated. Even though it appeared Republicans also took the state House, the left was determined to go down kicking and screaming. They demanded a recount of several of the close races. But a group of judges just verified the GOP’s big win.

From The Hill:

A panel of judges overseeing a recount in a contested Virginia state House race upheld Republican Karen Greenhalgh’s win on Friday, ensuring that the GOP will take control of the chamber, The Associated Press reported.

The recount in Virginia’s 85th House district, which encompasses a portion of Virginia Beach, was requested by Democratic Del. Alex Askew after the certified results from the Nov. 2 election showed him trailing Greenhalgh by 127 votes. Askew gained 12 votes in the recount, falling short of what he needed to win.

Wow. Talk about double humiliating. After losing control of Virginia’s state House, a few Democrat candidates called for recounts. Their hope was to regain a few seats to ensure a majority. But this week, a panel of judges upheld Karen Greenhalgh’s win, ensuring that Republicans will control the chamber.

A few other recounts are taking place, but even if they are given to Democrats, they will still be in the minority. This is a major victory for Republicans, who lost the House just a few years ago in 2019. Such a quick flip is a sign that voters have already gotten sick and tired of liberal leadership.

Democrats panicked after the results of this year’s elections came in. Although they refused to admit it, Biden’s failures in D.C. are having an impact all over the country. Democrats in Congress continue to flounder, pushing unpopular spending bills while ignoring Biden’s constant mistakes.

At the state level, Democrats are taking much of the blame for the problems of the last two years. After all, they were the ones who pushed lockdowns, closed schools, upended local economies, and continue to push radical mandates. Voters in Virginia blamed Democrats for everything they’ve suffered recently.

And no amount of “messaging” is going to change that.

Many are pointing to Virginia as a sign of what’s to come in 2022. The midterms could produce a dramatic red wave, that will sweep Republicans into office.

Source: The Hill