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Florida Gov Ron DeSantis Introduces ‘Stop WOKE Act’ To Take On ‘Corporate Wokeness and Critical Race Theory’

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Florida Governor Ron DeSantis just made his move to stop the nonsense and announced the Stop the Wrongs to Our Kids and Employees (W.O.K.E.) Act. This bill will give businesses, employees, children, and families tools to fight back against ‘woke indoctrination.’

“In Florida we are taking a stand against the state-sanctioned racism that is critical race theory,” said Governor Ron DeSantis. “We won’t allow Florida tax dollars to be spent teaching kids to hate our country or to hate each other. We also have a responsibility to ensure that parents have the means to vindicate their rights when it comes to enforcing state standards. Finally, we must protect Florida workers against the hostile work environment that is created when large corporations force their employees to endure CRT-inspired ‘training’ and indoctrination.”

“As the daughter of Cuban exiles who fled from Marxist ideology, I am proud to stand alongside Governor DeSantis and support this proposed legislation that will put an end to wokeness that is permeating our schools and workforce,” said Lieutenant Governor Jeanette Nuñez.

“This important legislation gives students and employees the resources they need to fight back against discrimination, critical race theory and indoctrination. I’m proud to stand alongside the Governor not only of the free state of Florida but the woke-free state of Florida.”

“Under Governor DeSantis’ leadership, Florida has very publicly adopted new state education standards for English Language Arts, Mathematics, Civics, Character Education and more, and we are modernizing students’ curriculum and lesson plans to match Florida’s new world-class education standards,” said Commissioner of Education Richard Corcoran.

“However, our classrooms, students and even teachers are under constant threat by Critical Race Theory advocates who are attempting to manipulate classroom content into a means to impose one’s values on students, when instead schools should be empowering students with great, historically accurate knowledge and giving those students and their families the freedom to draw their own conclusions.”

“What I have been inspired by the last year is that there is a new group of people emerging and asserting the authority of the American people: these are American parents,” said Chris Rufo, Senior Fellow and Director of the Initiative on Critical Race Theory, The Manhattan Institute.

“It is one thing to have critical race theory in Universities; you can ignore it. It is one thing to have critical race theory in the federal bureaucracy.

“But the fact is, in the last year they have accelerated Critical Race Theory in K-12 public schools and they have done something that no government should do, step between parent and child.

“Governor Ron DeSantis is not only protecting all of the employees and students in the state of Florida.

“He is providing a model for every state in the United States of America. Critical Race Theory is wrong; it offers nothing to improve the lives of anyone of any racial background.”

“I am happy to be working with Governor Ron DeSantis on education, which is one of the most important issues facing our country,” said Dr. Matthew Spalding, Kirby Professor in Constitutional Government, Hillsdale College and Dean of the Van Andel Graduate School of Government, Hillsdale College’s Washington, DC., Campus.

“I believe we are on the cusp of a moment of which the idea of education as an issue is re-aligning.

“It is no longer a question of budget or policy; it is about returning it to its rightful place in the formation of good citizens.

“We must teach our students honest and true history of America that is unifying and inspiring. I commend the Governor and Commissioner Corcoran for doing so.”

“Our schools are meant to be safe, fun and about learning, but teaching Critical Race Theory breeds division. There was so much being taught I had overlooked in the school system for so long,” said Laly Jimenez-Hincapie.

“My father was a political prisoner in Cuba who fled after his time served. I used to laugh at his fear of communism infiltrating our country. This is the land of the free and home of the brave. Communism will never come into this country. American history is being replaced by CRT. Manipulated versions of this theory are a direct attack on the emotional wellbeing of our children. Our children deserve to know this history and be proud of it, land of the free and home of the brave.”

“We need to get back to the basics: reading, math, arithmetic. CRT is not something I agree with at all, especially as a person of color,” said Lacaysha Howell, mother of three.

“Kids are coming home telling parents they are learning things that are incomprehensible to them. I am biracial and my three kids are biracial. This [CRT] is not what we need to be teaching in our schools. I want to continue to keep my kids in public school, but their educators need to teach them the basics.”