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Ron DeSantis Gets Obama And Biden In Their Hometowns – The Florida Governor Sets Aside $8M To Send Migrants To Martha’s Vineyard, Delaware

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In the war to preserve our country, state governors have become very important. With D.C. a clown show because of Biden and the Dems, Republican governors have been the only people to protect our rights and liberties. And, surprising many on the left, the top fighter of truth and justice has become the governor of Florida.

Ron DeSantis has risen to become a leader among governors. He has pushed back against the left’s tyranny all last year. This year, he’s fought to prevent Biden’s reckless agenda from hurting his residents. It’s no secret Biden wants to dump migrants in Florida and everywhere else. So, DeSantis has a brilliant move to make old Joe pay.

From The Western Journal:

As the administration’s refusal to halt illegal border crossings continues to plague southern states and their frightened, angry residents, DeSantis has allocated $8 million in his proposed “Freedom First Budget” for next year to contract with private companies to transport illegal aliens out of Florida to leftist strongholds…

“If you sent [them] to Delaware or Martha’s Vineyard, that border would be secure the next day,” DeSantis trolled.

DeSantis is coming up with a plan to send migrants in Florida to “leftist strongholds.” He specifically called out Biden’s home state and the Obamas current place of residence. And he’s not just trolling these Democrats. His plan includes $8 million to bus these border jumpers straight to opulent neighborhoods of these rich, entitled liberals.

The governor claimed that if these Democrats were forced to live with the flood of migrants coming into our country, they’d fix the border in a day. This is an eye-opening statement, and it exposes what the left is actually doing.

Many of our border states—and those relatively close by—are run by conservatives. How interesting, then, to think that Biden is letting migrants flood these states first. Republican-run states, with large conservative majorities, are being forced to put up thousands of strangers, many of whom people fear are criminals.

Rarely do we see Biden ship these migrants to, say, the Bay Area. Or the West Hollywood Hills. He’s not dumping these border jumpers in the Hamptons or the trendy Seattle neighborhoods. Instead, they are either kept in conservative border states or bussed to communities in small towns or the Midwest.

It seems like DeSantis is on to something. These Democrats in D.C. love to let migrants flood the country. But they aren’t the ones dealing with the fallout of this crisis. Nor are they (or their children) going to suffer when these migrants take blue-collar jobs from American families.

Perhaps they need a dose of their own medicine?

Source: The Western Journal