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Joe Biden Makes Multiple Embarrassing Flubs In Speech: “President Harris is a proud Howard alum”

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President Joe Biden made a series of embarrassing flubs today while he was giving the commencement speech at South Carolina State University. He said at one point while trying to promote a new initiative to give government contracts to minority firms: “There’s no difference between a black entrepreneur and a white entrepreneur in success, except the black entrepreneur usually doesn’t have a lawyer.”

Biden made another telling flub when he called Kamala Harris, who went to Howard University, an HBU school like South Carolina State, President Harris. “All kidding aside, of course President Harris is a proud Howard alum.”

He also flubbed the George Floyd Justice in Policing Act calling it the George Family Justice Act Policing Act. “On police reform, I share the frustration,” Biden said. “And I know the family well – the George Family Justice Act and Policing Act – I know the family well.”

“You’re gonna see more change in the next 10 years than we’ve seen the last 50 because of the incredible, incredible change in science and technology,” Biden said. 

“You’re gonna see us traveling commercially in the next 20 years at 12 to 15,000 miles an hour. Subsonic speeds, supersonic speed — I mean, things are going to change.”

Biden took a few swipes at Trump but flubbed that too:

“Did you ever think you’d see in the modern times people coming out of the fields down in Charleston, I mean Charlotte, Virginia…Charlottesville, Virginia, carrying torches and Nazi banners, screeching the most anti-Semitic and anti-black rhetoric in history?

“Hundreds and hundreds of them. And when asked, the guy who had this job before, when asked what he thought about it, he said, ‘Well, there’s some very good people there.’ Hell, very good people. They’re racist, they’re fascist.

“And folks, that was four years ago. 

“I never thought I’d see that in my career. 

“The violent, deadly insurrection on Capitol Hill 11 months ago on January the 6th.

“I’ve spoken over 140 heads of state since I’ve become president. 

“You know what they ask me? ‘Is America going to be all right?’

“You can defeat hate, but you can’t eliminate it. It just slides back under a rock. 

“And when given oxygen by political leaders, it comes out ugly and mean as it was before. 

“We can’t give it any oxygen. We have to step on it. We have to respond to it. It’s not who we are.

“It’s a minority, but if the majority doesn’t speak up, it has a profound impact. That’s what we’ve seen the last few years. We cannot, we must not give hate any safe harbor,” he said.