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Democrat Poll Worker Caught Red-Handed – He Just Got Removed for “Pre-Selecting Candidates” in State of Indiana

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What’s Happening:

Democrats have long ignored Republicans’ concerns over election integrity. In the years following the 2020 Election, the left has even attacked Republican-led states who passed laws to protect our voting. They’ve even gone as far as to accuse Republicans of “voter suppression” for just trying to prevent stolen elections.

I guess there is a good reason Democrats work so hard to weaken election integrity. Because no matter where we look, we keep finding stories like this. Recently, we learned about a city election official who got fired for sending out fake ballots. Now, in another state, one Democrat worker was doing something even worse.

This is pretty ugly.

From Daily Wire:

Indiana election officials removed a Democrat poll worker last week for allegedly pre-selecting Democratic candidates and pressuring citizens to vote for specific candidates…

The incidents may constitute electioneering and election interference by a poll worker named James Zheng.

Zheng has been accused of telling black voters “… not to vote for the racist candidates outside,” according to Chalkboard Review, where officials first identified the accused poll worker.

Wow. This is really unbelievable. A Democrat poll worker was caught actually trying to pressure voters into selecting the candidates of his choice. He told a pair of black voters not to vote for pro-parent school board candidates, accusing them of being “racist.”

The good news, these voters refused to be intimidated and actually reported Zheng’s behavior to a group of education activists outside the polling place. But Zheng went even further than that. In another incident, he pre-selected a straight-Democrat ticket for a voter, pretending to explain how the voting machine worked.

Meaning, he stopped them from voting themselves, selecting Democrats for them when they were voting with the machine. He did this so many times, that voters reported him to election judges. Some of them weren’t even able to undo his selections.

Finally, the election administrator removed Zheng and prevented him from returning to the polling station.

Democrats keep claiming that voter suppression is a serious offense. So, why aren’t they doing something about a man literally suppressing Americans’ ability to vote? The good news is, the local sheriff’s office is already looking into this report. It is possible Zheng will face charges, after all.

And how many more poll workers are doing this all over America? Why should Americans have to fight to vote the way they want–at the literal polling place?

Key Takeaways:

  • A Democrat poll worker in Indiana was caught trying to pressure people to vote for Democrats.
  • The poll worker even pre-selected candidates on the voting machine.
  • Voters reported him to an election judge, and the administrator removed him from working.

Source: Daily Wire