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Biden’s Vacation Gets Ruined By ‘Occupy Biden’ – They Just Camped Out For A Week To Protest Him

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Apparently, Joe Biden thought his first year in office deserved a vacation. Ditching D.C., he jetted off back home to Delaware. I’m sure there are more than a few Americans who preferred if he never came back! But a group of folks decided to crash Joe’s little getaway. But they are not who you’d expect.

Did you think some “conservative activists” stormed Biden’s vacation home, to protest his failed presidency and the damage he’s done to the economy? You wouldn’t be wrong to assume that, given the outrage Americans feel against the Democrat. Instead, he was bombarded by protests, from a group he keeps trying to win over.

From Fox News:

Protesters with a group called “Occupy Biden” have spent the past week in President Biden’s Delaware neighborhood calling on him to declare a “national climate emergency.”

According to a description for the protest, which took place near President Biden’s residence in Delaware, the group said that “nonviolent action” is needed in order to push President Biden towards making changes to his climate policy.

As they say, you give progressives an inch, they’ll take a mile. After bending over backward for the far left all last year, Biden still has not won over this group of extremists. Because a number of climate activists stormed his home in Delaware, demanding he take more action on their definition of “climate change.”

The left is never satisfied, huh? Biden nearly crippled America’s energy sector, shutting down drilling, all to fulfill the far left’s climate agenda. He has put American workers, companies, and families last, just to appease this progressive group. But that isn’t good enough for them, apparently.

Their poster child, Greta Thunberg, recently criticized Biden for helping the U.S.’s oil infrastructure (I’d like to see that!). Now, a group with nothing better to do (like spending time with family over the holidays) is protesting outside of Biden’s home.

How sad. Biden nearly destroyed our country placating this group last year. What is he supposed to do to please them now? Outlaw cars? Shut down the airline industry? Make eating beef illegal? I guess the sky’s the limit for this group of entitled hippies.

Source: Fox News