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Chuck Schumer Handed A Major Senate Loss – Republicans Stand Together And Block Democrats’ Impotent Defense Bill

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Just because Democrats have a majority in the Senate doesn’t mean they can get what they want. They only enjoy a slim 50-50 arrangement in the upper chamber. That means they need Republican support to overcome the 60-vote requirement to move a bill from debate to a final vote. But, if Republicans refuse—due, perhaps, to Democrats’ refusal to listen to them—the bill goes nowhere.

Democrats are trying to get a variety of bills through before the end of the year. We all know about their bloated spending bill, which may never see the light of day. But they also had a defense bill they were trying to sneak through—one that refused to address real problems facing our country. So, Republicans stood together to shut it down.

From OANN:

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) effectively set up a blockade on what Republicans decried as a lackluster defense bill proposed by Democrats…

McConnell warned that despite being downplayed by the Biden administration, the threats to U.S. national security have gotten immensely worse, especially in the Middle East…

The Kentucky Republican added, the current draft of the NDAA fails to take on America’s greatest threat on the international stage — China.

Republicans blocked a bill from moving on to a final vote, saying it failed to address real threats facing the United States. Democrats’ version of the 2022 Defense Authorization Act ignored the growing threat of Iran, which has been emboldened ever since Biden let the Taliban retake Afghanistan.

McConnell also blasted the bill for lacking any measure to counter Russia’s growing influence. He criticized Democrats for banning the “Russia drum” for four years. Yet now, as Russia expands its cyberattacks, weapons tests, and other moves, Democrats are asleep.

And McConnell condemned them for having nothing in this bill to confront what is perhaps our biggest threat: China. The communist nation has been threatening to invade our ally Taiwan all year long. China’s communist regime continues to expand its military power. Yet Biden and the Democrats do nothing.

Republicans stood together to block this bill. That means the Senate will need to come up with something better to ensure our national security. Will Democrats bother to negotiate and work with Republicans this time around? They’ll have to if they want to get this thing passed.

Source: OANN