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Newt Gingrich Puts Kamala Harris On Notice: ‘Totally Unfit To be Vice President’

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Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich put Vice President Kamala Harris on notice today on Fox News saying Harris is ‘totally unfit she is to be vice president.’ Newt said:

“Her speech yesterday where she compared January 6 to Pearl Harbor and 9/11 I think proved that California education is even worse than we thought.

“It’s inconceivable that you could compare a riot at the Capitol to the Japanese attack at Pearl Harbor or to the terrorists that killed almost 3,000 Americans on 9/11 and yet Harris cheerfully lusted the three together as if they were the same event. 

“And I think it just tells you how totally unfit she is to be vice president. She is vice president, they won the seat, I hope the American people learned a lesson about picking people who don’t know anything.”

Newt also took some swipes at Speaker Nancy Pelosi on Laura Ingraham’s show last night. Newt said:

“Well, I think she is the person who is the most responsible for what happened.

“It was her job to ensure that there was adequate police, and if they didn’t have adequate police it was her job to ensure that the National Guard was there.

“So a lot of this, I think, is a dance by the Democrats, who don’t want us to look very closely at what actually happened.

“If you’ll notice, the political committee they’ve created is, in fact, only looking at political things. They’re not looking at the various ringleaders who’ve not been arrested. They’re not looking at a lot of the details about whether or not the FBI was as involved as provocateurs.

“We know, for example, in Michigan that the FBI was deeply involved in creating an entire project to kidnap the governor, and then pretend it was being done by White nationalists, when in fact all the leading figures were FBI activists.

“So there’s reason to question everything about what happened on Jan. 6.

“Again, as a former speaker, I was deeply offended that anybody would do what they did on the Capitol grounds, but as a former speaker I was also really offended that the current speaker, Pelosi, failed so totally in her job, which was to make sure this didn’t happen,” he said.