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Hours After Biden’s Empty Schedule Slips Out – Joe Is Found Wandering D.C. Streets, Buying Kamala Mug And Ice Cream

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The country is facing serious challenges. Inflation continues to rise. We still are grappling with a supply chain crunch and worker shortage. Crime is out of control. The border is a mess. Worse still, we could be seeing a repeat of Afghanistan, as Russia prepares to invade Ukraine.

A real president would be hard at work in the Oval Office. He would be consulting with his staff, top experts, and world leaders. He would be coordinating with Congress to help Americans and stave off a war. But what is Biden doing? Jen Psaki couldn’t even answer it. But one reporter found out.

This is utterly ridiculous.

From Daily Wire:

“Well, let’s see, um, this morning I think he had some policy meetings, uh, also a PDB meeting,” Psaki said. “Uh, he, um, later this afternoon, uh, I think is doing some remarks review…”

Reuters reporter Jeff Mason later tweeted out photographs showing Biden wandering around Washington, D.C., visiting at least one boutique store and going to an ice cream shop…

“The President made a quick pitstop at the ice cream shop this afternoon after a visit to neighboring boutique Honey Made, where he admired necklaces on the wall for ‘my wife,’ examined a coaster with a German shepherd on it, and picked up a Kamala Harris mug,” The Washingtonian reported.

What the hell? Are we still supposed to pretend like this guy is the president? He can’t talk. He’s kept hidden from the media for months. He stumbles around, insulting reporters and giving Putin the “green light.” And now, as the world holds its breath over Ukraine, the man goes shopping like a nursing home patient being let out for the day.

The President bought a Kamala Harris souvenir mug—what? A large percentage of the country thinks our President isn’t in charge, so he says he needs to get out more and his idea of getting out is buying Kamala memorabilia? SNL is going to go out of business at this rate as the Biden White House turns into a complet parody.

His handlers have really given up, haven’t they? He still has three years left in office! Do they really think they can keep up this charade for much longer? The man appears totally unqualified for the pressures mounting on the country. His VP isn’t much better. She can’t even answer a simple question from the media.

Why isn’t Biden sequestered in the White House working? Why isn’t he on the phone, dealing with any number of crises hurting the country? Do we really have to say it? Does anyone doubt us anymore when we question who is really in charge?

Even Jen Psaki, who might be the worst White House press secretary, is lost for words. After Biden had his little day trip, the White House put a lid on events at 3:06 PM. We can be sure that meant Biden went home to take a nap.

Sorry, Ukraine. Russia chose to oppress you at just the worst time. If only we still had Trump running things…

Source: Daily Wire