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Supreme Court Retirement Is Coming This Year – Multiple Reports Claim Biden Will Get To Replace Stephen Breyer

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By all metrics, Joe Biden’s administration is a failure. His bad decisions and lack of leadership have triggered a number of crises that have damaged everyday Americans. His polling is in the gutter. Worse still, his incoherent remarks might result in a war in Europe. And his baffled staff cannot seem to organize themselves out of a paper bag.

Yet, despite all these warning signs, a Supreme Court justice decided to send the nation into a further spiral. Hard leftists have been pressuring Stephen Breyer, one of the liberal justices on the court, to step down for months. He has so far refused. Yet now, as Biden lurches from one failure to another, Breyer is calling it quits.

From The Hill:

Justice Stephen Breyer is planning to retire from the Supreme Court, according to multiple reports, ending a nearly three-decade career on the bench and clearing the way for Democrats to seat the liberal jurist’s replacement on the 6-3 conservative majority court.

Justice Breyer is caving to leftist pressure to step down from the court, while there is a Democrat in the White House. With Breyer retiring now (and with Democrats controlling the Senate), it means Joe Biden will get to pick his replacement. An administration whose trademark is bad decisions will have the power to select a judge who will hold that seat for decades.

Also interesting? This announcement isn’t official. It seems to have leaked from multiple credible sources. Some are claiming that Justice Breyer visited Biden at the White House last week, but now he is not happy someone let the cat out of the bag. It looks like we could have another Biden debacle on our hands.

It’s important to note that this news won’t change the balance that now exists on the Supreme Court. Biden’s handlers are likely to pick a far-left activist to replace Breyer, but that will not change the conservative majority the court currently enjoys. Still, this comes at the very worst time for the country, as we have a president who eats ice cream when he should be leading.

It’s safe to say that Biden himself will not play a significant role in choosing Breyer’s replacement. The same people who selected a Marxist to lead a branch of the Treasury will most likely pick the next justice. And Democrats in the Senate will not do much to oppose the pick, even if it is the very worst person for the job.

Already calls are going out from The Squad and other liberal Democrats for Biden to keep his promise and nominate a black woman to the position. And of course they’re going to push for the nominee to be extremely progressive—possibly so liberal that even Joe Manchin would be tempted to block the pick.

Boy, would that anger the Democrats.

The only thing Republicans can do, for now, is hold this pick’s feet to the fire. They must grill this person, the same way Democrats grilled Brett Kavanaugh or Amy Coney Barrett. They need to make it very clear they are not on board with the administration’s pick—and make it very hard for the Senate to confirm them.

If not, they will have a hard time convincing voters in November.

Source: The Hill