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Nikki Haley Gives Biden And Harris A Direct Order – For The Good Of The Country, She Wants Them To Resign

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During the Trump administration, one particular leader set herself apart from others, Nikki Haley. The former governor served as Trump’s ambassador to the UN. And boy, did she hold that corrupt group’s feet to the fire.

Although she made some key missteps after the 2020 Election, she is still considered a stalwart conservative. And, as someone familiar with foreign policy, she is in no way pleased with how Biden’s handled crises overseas. For the good of the country, she is demanding this broke administration resign.

From The Hill:

Former U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Hayley said in an interview that President Biden and Vice President Harris should resign over their handling of foreign policy.

Hayley said that Biden’s press conference was “absolutely cringeworthy”…

She suggested that “if Biden loved our country,” he and Harris would resign. She added that America’s rivals would do “whatever they wanted” if the U.S. “looked weak” and criticized the Biden administration’s strategy handling the Russian threat to Ukraine.

The former ambassador to the UN called out the Biden administration’s handling of the Ukraine crisis. She accused Biden of showing weakness to our rivals and feared his botched press conference only made matters worse. Haley said that if Biden really loved America, he and Harris should resign.

Perhaps out of all of Biden’s failures, his handling of foreign crises is the worst. He failed to handle the withdrawal from Afghanistan properly.

Despite being told the Taliban was preparing for an invasion, he pulled our troops, leaving behind billions worth of weapons. Worse still, he had no plan for evacuating Americans, leading to chaos and death.

Sadly, it seems the same thing is happening in Ukraine. Biden practically gave Putin the green light to invade the country. Instead of holding the line, Biden’s State Department is hastily evacuating the Embassy. And they aren’t even trying to help Americans leave the country if Russia does invade.

And if this happens in Ukraine, many fear what might happen to Taiwan. China has been eager to annex this land to its communist state. And Biden seems in no way interested in stopping them.

Haley’s advice might not be heeded, but it is right on the mark.

Source: The Hill