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Ben Carson Goes After Biden’s Supreme Court Pick – Ben Cries Foul After Joe Says It Will Be a Black Woman

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The announcement of Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breyer comes at a good time for the embattled Biden administration. Now the President can help bolster his legacy with a nomination of his choice.

Biden has already said it will be a black woman, which quickly resulted in backlash from many politicians, pundits, and lawmakers. This includes a frequent critic of Biden’s team: Dr. Ben Carson.

And this time, Carson hits the administration with a heavy accusation.

The Former Housing and Urban Development Secretary has a solid reputation on Capitol Hill. He’s widely respected in his field and typically offers educated, common sense views on critical topics.

However, he’s taken flak for siding with former President Donald Trump on certain issues, and he’s bound to get more criticism here.

That won’t stop Dr. Carson from speaking his mind, though. And in this case, Carson – who is of course African-American – is coming down hard on the “identity politics” Biden’s employing with his pick.

Carson went on WMAL’s “The Vince Coglianese Show” and said:

Via Fox News:

You know, this is America. Many people fought and gave their lives to bring equality. And now we’re reverting back to identity politics.

And as we continue to do that, we’re bringing more division into our country.

Carson then tackled the claim that the U.S. hasn’t made enough racial progress. This he said is flatly “untrue.”

He added that when he was a kid, you rarely saw a black person on TV who wasn’t in a servile role. And now, there are “black CEOs of Fortune 500 companies, university presidents, generals, admirals,” etc.

And obviously, we’ve already had a black President of the United States, and the current Vice President is black.

Dr. Carson warned that Biden’s pick sets a nasty precedent, which is one that we’re starting to see in all facets of society: making important decisions based on race and gender.

If he can do that, then who else can do it in the future using the criteria that they want, and completely ignoring all the progress that’s been made?

It makes absolutely no sense, and I hope people will be incensed about it.

The doctor lastly said we need a Supreme Court nominee who “understands the Constitution and isn’t trying to legislate from the bench.” This is a primary concern of many voters as well.

Some are claiming Biden’s aim to appoint a black woman is simply racist. Others say it’s a victory for “social justice” and “equality.”

But either way, there’s going to be plenty of criticism to go around. And that really isn’t what the President wants right now, as he continues to face declining approval numbers and a struggling economy.

With ongoing crises involving the southern border, inflation, and foreign relations, Biden would hope for a smooth, positive nomination process.

However, if he insists on this path, people like Dr. Carson are going to push back.

Source: Fox News