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25 States Rise Up Against Supreme Court – They Demand Major Case of “Overreach” On 2nd Amendment Be Heard In Maryland

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In 2022, many critical topics of debate are on the table. This includes government overreach, a commonly discussed subject ever since the pandemic hit in 2020.

Since then, Republicans and Conservatives have pushed back against all forms of “Big Brother” overreach, and especially in regards to Constitutional rights. This is of primary concern to millions.

Now, 25 states are leading the charge to keep our rights intact in one state.

States have very different laws when it comes to firearms. Unsurprisingly, most Democrat-run states tend to have far stricter gun laws, while the Red states are often more lenient.

Maryland is one state that has some of the strictest firearm rules in the country, and some say this is an example of definite overreach.

That’s why 25 states are pressing the Supreme Court to hear a case that challenges Maryland’s gun law. Those who support individual liberties and the Constitution are already backing the push.

The highest court in the land is already set to hear some potentially historic cases this year, and this could be another momentous decision.

It just depends on whether or not they’re willing to accept the challenge — that’s the first step, and it needs to happen as far as many Republican-led states are concerned.

From Fox News:

Arizona and West Virginia are leading a group of 25 states urging the Supreme Court to hear a case challenging Maryland’s strict firearms law.

‘Americans do not require approval from a local jurisdiction to exercise their constitutional rights,’ Arizona Attorney General Mark Brnovich said in a press release.

‘We must vigorously oppose this type of misguided overreach at all levels of government.’

The Maryland Firearms Safety Act was passed in 2013, and it requires that all residents must go through safety training and fingerprinting before they can get a license to purchase a pistol.

But it doesn’t end there. The Act also banned the sale of AR-15s and similar rifles, and restricted magazine capacity to 10 rounds of ammunition.

However, the 25 states in question claim the law also bans gun features that are designed to increase safety: this includes folding stocks and flash hiders.

Other states joining Virginia and Arizona are Red states that offer more freedom when it comes to 2A: Arkansas, Alaska, Kansas, Idaho, Missouri, South Carolina, South Dakota, Montana, Texas, and Wyoming, to name a few.

They claim Maryland’s law hinders 2A rights of “millions of citizens,” and bans guns that could “counterbalance the threat of illegal gun violence.”

The press release also noted that 42 other states allow the sale of firearms that Maryland banned:

If left untouched, Maryland’s unconstitutional ban on firearms and the Fourth Circuit’s erroneous standard threaten the constitutional rights of all Americans.

Arizona and forty-two other states allow the commonly-used firearms that Maryland has banned outright.

The debate surrounding the Second Amendment has never been more hotly contested.

There are those who believe allowing citizens to be properly armed increases general safety, and every U.S. resident has the right to protect himself.

On the other hand, those against 2A believe that more guns, no matter who owns them, simply increases the risk of violence across the board. And they maintain most guns are largely unnecessary.

That won’t stop those who support the Constitution from exercising their rights, though. And the Supreme Court might be in a position to uphold those rights once again.

Source: Fox News