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Democrat Consultant Just Pleaded Guilty – While He Was Running Campaigns, He Hired Hitmen To Go After His Associate

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They say Democrats will get power at all costs. We’ve seen how they tried to pass a radical set of bills in Congress, which would have made it much easier for them to win (and others to lose). The cost was the destruction of our democracy. We also often hear about local Democrats who go to extremes to bribe, cheat, and steal their way into office.

But just how far will some Democrats go to win? Is mud-slinging enough? Is lying to the public? Would they go all the way to eliminate an enemy? One Democratic strategist pushed the limits beyond anyone thought they could go. And he just pleaded guilty to it.

From The Washington Free Beacon:

A Democratic political consultant has pleaded guilty to hiring two men to murder a longtime associate.

Sean Caddle, who worked on campaigns in 2013 and 2017 for New Jersey state senator Ray Lesniak (D.), on Tuesday admitted to one count of conspiracy to commit murder. In 2014, the New Jersey native paid out-of-state conspirators thousands of dollars to travel to the Jersey City home of former associate Michael Galdieri, stab Galdieri, and set his apartment on fire. It is unclear what the motive was.

We knew political consultants were cut-throat, but this is ridiculous. Sean Caddle worked on state Senate campaigns in New Jersey in 2013 and 2017. But while he was helping Ray Lesniak, he was plotting the murder of a former associate. According to reports, he paid thousands of dollars for hitmen from out of state to go after this man.

It seems Caddle had a history of shady connections. He had previously worked on the campaigns of Louis Manzo, another NJ politician. Manzo would be indicted in 2009 by the FBI for allegedly taking bribes during a mayoral campaign. Perhaps Caddle learned a few things from Manzo about “getting ahead.”

We could chalk all this up to correct East Coast politics. But there seems to be a disturbing trend among Democrats across the country, who serve in local government. A Baltimore mayor was running a scheme with a children’s book. Others have laundered campaign dollars. Others were caught in affairs and taking bribes from unions.

All too often, these politicians get away with their crimes. But in the case of Caddle, he’s being forced to face the music.

Source: The Washington Free Beacon