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Pennsylvania Court Drops The Gavel On Democrats – They Just Ruled Unconstitutional Their Mail-In Voting Law

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In the aftermath of the 2020 Election, Republicans from various states fought to secure their elections. We all know what happened in Georgia and Texas—where state lawmakers passed election integrity laws. But that has not been the case in many other states, where Democrats seek to tear down our voting protection.

In Pennsylvania, controversy has been brewing ever since 2020. Numerous state Republicans have called into question a law that opened the door to the many “irregularities” that plagued the 2020 Election. They brought this law before a state court. And the panel just gave Dems some bad news.

From AP News:

A statewide court declared Friday that Pennsylvania’s expansive two-year-old mail-in voting law is unconstitutional, agreeing with challenges by Republicans…

The three Republican judges agreed with Republican challengers — including 11 Republican lawmakers who actually voted for the law — and ruled that no-excuse mail-in voting is prohibited under the state constitution, until the constitution is changed to allow it.

A Pennsylvania law effectively created universal mail-in voting. It removed any limits to request ballots, opening the door for ballots to be sent out and used by people who weren’t registered voters. Many questions have been raised about universal mail-in voting since 2020. But Democrats, conveniently, refused to respond.

But a state court struck down the law, deeming it unconstitutional. The judges ruled that such a drastic change to voting laws can’t happen without an amendment to the state’s constitution. Unless Democrats can manage that, they can’t exploit mail-in voting to get their way.

All over the country, mail-in voting raised many concerns. Some states, like Florida, have very secure mail-in voting. Voters can be confident that ballots are only being sent out to the actual registered voter and their votes will be counted.

That’s not the case in blue states. Anyone can request a ballot and there is no guarantee it will end up in the hands of the rightful person. On top of that, these states don’t implement measures to ensure the returned ballot is from the actual voter—such as signature verification.

Any idiot can see how mail-in voting creates room for rampant fraud. Except, of course, Democrats. They refused to support any measures that protect our elections because it seems fraud only benefits one side.

Source: AP News