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6,000 Federal Workers Just Stood Up to Biden – “Feds 4 Medical Freedom” Demand An End to Joe’s Federal Mandate

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The media seems to have moved on from talking about Biden’s mandates, ever since the Supreme Court shot down his one aimed at private businesses. Sadly, though, some of his other mandates still stand. Americans in various industries have been forced to choose between their jobs and their constitutional liberties.

But not all of them at taking this lying down. Biden demanded all federal workers comply with his mandate or face termination. A former Border agent and current State Department employee thought that wasn’t acceptable. He formed a new group to stand up to Biden and it is gaining support.

From Washington Examiner:

More than 6,000 federal workers have gotten behind a State Department employee’s effort to challenge the Biden administration’s coronavirus vaccine mandate…

“We realized that nobody else was standing up for federal employees in court,” Thornton said during an interview. “Usually, this would be handled by the unions, but for whatever reason, this time they’ve chosen to abandon their employees and stand in solidarity with the employer.

Feds 4 Medical Freedom is a group formed by Marcus Thornton, an officer within the State Department. Thornton first entered the federal government as a Border Patrol agent, so it’s safe to say he’s used to fighting in the trenches. Outraged that Biden’s federal worker mandate stands, he is leading federal workers to stand up to him.

Thornton blasted the courts for not standing up for federal workers. He also called out the union leaders, who normally fight to defend federal workers’ rights. But for some odd reason, the unions “stand in solidarity” with Biden and his mandate. So, Thornton believes it’s up to workers to fight back.

The group is seeking legal counsel in challenging Biden’s agenda. It seems the left is employing the help of corrupt social media networks, who routinely shut down Feds 4 Medical Freedom’s pages. Despite this, federal workers continue to find Thornton and join his cause. So far, the group has filed three federal lawsuits.

It’s hard to say what will come of this group. But as word spreads, be sure more federal employees will join the cause. Other Americans will probably look for ways to support this group. Biden will long regret pushing these mandates.

Source: Washington Examiner