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After Tennessee Democrat Gets Convicted – State Senate Votes 27-5 To Toss Senator Robinson Out For Good

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Politicians often run into problems with the law, though many citizens claim these representatives get off too easy. Power and influence have a way of lessening punishments and sentences.

But for one Tennessee Democrat, the punishment might just fit the crime. And as a result, her career as a politician may be over, because the consequences of her actions are pretty steep.

After being convicted of fraud, Sen. Katrina Robinson could be out of public service for good.

Last fall, Robinson was accused of stealing $600,000 from a healthcare school she ran. Allegedly, she took the money to pay for her expensive wedding, along with other personal expenses while in office.

At the time, a judge acquitted her on 15 of the 20 charges, but a jury convicted her of 4 of the 5 charges of wire fraud.

After that, the question came up: should she be tossed out of the state Senate? Robinson and her Democrat colleagues tried to delay that vote until March, when she’ll be officially sentenced.

But the Tennessee legislature isn’t waiting: they’ve decided to expel her immediately.

From Fox News:

A Tennessee Democrat was expelled from the state Senate on Wednesday over her conviction on fraud charges.

On Wednesday, state senators voted 27-5 for her expulsion after a recommendation from the Ethics Committee, FOX 13 of Memphis reported.

This is the first time any Tennessee lawmaker was expelled since 1866, when after the Civil War six House members were booted out because they wouldn’t attend a special legislative session.

Senate Speaker Randy McNally said that while it’s unfortunate history had to be set, “it was a necessary action” as “the integrity of the Senate is of paramount importance.”

In response, the expelled Senator called the move a “procedural lynching” and also claimed she was only kicked out because she was a black woman.

She also claimed other state senators had been involved in scandals, and those didn’t result in expulsion. However, Sen. John Stevens said they couldn’t ignore the fact that she’d “violated a criminal statute.”

Robinson had been elected to represent the state’s 33rd Senate district. She was elected in 2018 and was still in her first term.

But now, that term is prematurely over and it doesn’t seem likely she’ll be able to hold another high-ranking public office position. Voters probably won’t forget about criminal convictions for some time.

On top of that, Americans are becoming even more sensitive to their representatives breaking the law. More than ever are convinced that we’ve got too many lawbreakers acting as lawmakers.

So, it’s possible that many are applauding Robinson’s expulsion, even if many Democrat leaders say it’s politically and socially motivated.

Key Takeaways:

  • Tennessee Democrat Katrina Robinson has been expelled from the state Senate.
  • She was convicted of wire fraud last year, and accused of stealing money from a healthcare school she ran.
  • Robinson claims the move was “misogynistic” and “racist,” but Senate Speaker Randy McNally said “the integrity of the Senate” matters most.

Source: Fox News