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Donald Trump Brings In More Than $20 Million From First Book Since Leaving Office

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Former President Donald Trump is quietly making a fortune from his first book since leaving office. The book is comprised of pictures from his time in the White House with personalized captions. In one of the captions, Trump calls Pelosi f*cking crazy.

Sales of the book, “Our Journey Together,” grossed $20 million in less than two months according to CNN. The book sold out and his publisher ordered 300,000 more copies to meet demand.

“We did an initial print run of 200,000 copies,” said Sergio Gor of Winning Team Publishing. “We still can’t keep up with the customers. Trump wants to do another book after seeing the success of this one.”

“Attempting to listen to crazy Nancy Pelosi in the Oval Office — such natural disagreement,” writes Trump in one caption. Next to another image of Pelosi, Trump wrote, “She was screaming and shaking like a leaf, she’s f***ing crazy, hence the name ‘Crazy Nancy.’”

From CNN:

Adjacent to a picture of the late GOP Sen. John McCain of Arizona, one of his noted adversaries, Trump notes, “Asking for a job for his wife and I am smiling but I didn’t like him even a little bit.”

Not all in Trump’s crosshairs are political. Of Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg, Trump writes, “Mark Zuckerberg would come to the White House and kiss my ass. His censorship is terrible for America. His ‘campaign contributions’ even worse.”

Some photos are of Cabinet members Trump appointed himself, like Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Gen. Mark Milley and former Secretary of Defense Mark Esper.

“General Mark Milley looks like he’s praying, and ‘Yesper’ (who said ‘yes’ to everything,) doesn’t know if he’s alive,” Trump wrote.