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Biden Adviser Shaken By Investigation – Joe’s Science Adviser Violated Biden Policy By Bullying His Employees

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For a long time, we’ve talked about how Biden’s staff are sub-par. People on the left didn’t believe us. They dismissed our claims. Well, what do ya know, we were right. Again. Movement is growing for numerous administration staff, including the White House chief of staff, to be fired. And there’s more.

It seems like Biden’s staff aren’t just bad at their jobs—like Jen Psaki, Pete Buttigieg, or Ron Klain. According to what we’re learning, some of them are downright toxic. We’ve known for a long time that Kamala Harris’s office manager is abusive to her staff. Now, another Biden official is being outed over bullying.

From The Hill:

An internal White House investigation has reportedly discovered that President Biden’s top science adviser bullied and demeaned subordinates while also violating the office’s workplace policy…

Eric Lander, a member of Biden’s Cabinet and the director of the Office of Science and Technology Policy (OSTP), acted in a “bullying” way toward his then-general counsel Rachel Wallace.

The investigation also found that Lander, who has been cited as a central figure in the pandemic response, had “disrespectful interactions with staff” by Lander and other OSTP leadership.

Eric Lander, one of Joe Biden’s top science advisers, is being called out for bullying behavior. Reports suggest he “bullied and demeaned” people who worked under him. That includes Rachel Wallace, who served as his general counsel.

What did Biden once say? If anyone on his staff disrespected someone, he’d fire them on the spot? Well… is he going to fire Lander? Bullying and demeaning are much worse than simply disrespect. In fact, there appear to be multiple times where he was harsh and disrespectful to numerous women who worked with him.

Gee, doesn’t it seem like Biden hires the very worst D.C. has to offer? The media always attacked Trump for being callous and uncaring. Yet we didn’t see stories like this coming out of his administration. Biden’s staff are not only incompetent, but they don’t even know how to treat staff with respect.

Aren’t liberals the ones who go on and on about “toxic work environments”? Liberals have sued companies for much less than what Lander is accused of. So, why is it that this kind of person gets such an important role in a presidential administration?

We are awaiting an announcement when Biden fires him.

Source: The Hill