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Freedom Truckers Just Turned The Tables – After Cops Take Their Fuel, Citizens Bring More In And Convoy Shuts Down Border Crossing

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So much for all that “Canadians are nice” stuff. We are seeing first how just how fierce our neighbors to the North can be. When truckers gathered in the capital to protest Trudeau’s bogus mandates, their government turned on them.

The prime minister repeatedly slander the massive group, claiming they were racist (without evidence). Then police got downright nasty, confiscating truckers’ fuel and arresting some of them.

But regular folks fought back. From Not the Bee:

Over 100 police officers came in to confiscate the fuel, which is keeping truckers warm in the freezing cold Canadian winter while the protest against Covid-19 vaccine mandates…

How did the public respond to this?

Well, they started bringing in more fuel to help the truckers.

The police’s intimidation tactic was like water off a duck’s back.

The truckers struck back hard after this petty move by the police. The convoy ended up shutting down the largest bridge into the United States.

From New York Post:

Truck drivers in Canada fed up with coronavirus regulations blocked access to the busiest bridge into the US, shutting it down for nearly a day, police said…

The bridge to Canada from the Michigan city shut down by late Monday, the Michigan Department of Transportation tweeted. The span into Canada remained closed early Tuesday, officials said.

It was really a sight to be seen. After Trudeau tried bully tactics to force the truckers out of the city, they struck back with a blockage. The Ambassador Bridge was clogged with wall-to-wall truckers, which filled the bridge and prevented people from passing. It took over a day for all the trucks to be cleared and the bridge reopened.

Hey, this is how protesting works. These truckers are speaking out loud and clear. But the cowardly prime minister refuses to listen. In fact, he is attacking these Canadians, slandering them in the press. But that doesn’t seem to be hampering their enthusiasm.

The truckers can most likely hold out longer than the government. The country needs these truckers to get back to work. And people will blame Trudeau for his unreasonable treatment of these hard-working folks. Chances are, however, this won’t end before Trudeau’s government does something truly awful. But that will only serve to solidify support for the truckers and their cause.

Source: Not the BeeNew York Post