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MSNBC Gives Up Game, Calls For Merrick Garland To Rein In John Durham: “What are you doing, and when are you done

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Former FBI Assistant Director Frank Figliuzzi, one of the main people who pushed the bogus Carter Page FISA scandal on MSNBC, went on the network and told Attorney General Merrick Garland it is time to rein in John Durham.

Figliuzzi said, “This is dangerous disinformation. It is pointing a finger at Hillary Clinton. It is lying about her. It is claiming she may be engaged in criminal activity.

“Let me say what’s not in the John Durham filing. If there’s Fox viewers stopping on this and wonder what this is, let me do this quickly. There’s no spying to speak of in a traditional sense of the word in the filing. There’s nothing in the filing about Hillary Clinton paying to infiltrate the Trump White House or Trump Tower.

“There’s nothing in there that speaks to wiretapping. I hear that on these right-wing fringe platforms. They had wiretap. What are you talking about?

“There’s no content. Wiretap is intercepting content of a phone call, an email communication.

“You have a microphone in an office. No wiretap in this John Durham filing.

“I expect this behavior of Fox News folks.

“What I continued to be perplexed by is the conduct of John Durham.

“The guy should have known that the filing would light fire to the disinformation to the echo chambers.

“Yet he put it out there, and he has a responsibility.

“If he were a reasonable prosecutor, I can’t comment on the case, but I got to tell you this is really being misconstrued.

“I didn’t say this, this, and this and then just walk away. Will he do that?


“Should Merrick Garland come in soon and ask John Durham where in heavens name he is headed with this, particularly with a Friday hearing coming where Sussman is supposed to ask the judge to toss the case against him? 

“It’s a good time to for Merrick Garland to say to Durham, what are you doing, and when are you done? Yes.”

From Newsweek:

Durham’s filing explains that the indictment against Sussmann details that on February 9, 2017, Sussmann provided an “updated set of allegations” to a second federal agency which CNN sources identified as the CIA.

Those allegations relied in part on “the purported DNS traffic” that the tech executive and others had assembled relating to Trump Tower, the Executive Office of the President (EOP) and a healthcare provider.

Domain name server (DNS) lookups act like looking up a number in a phone book. A DNS lookup translates domain names into numerical addresses so that computers can access websites.

Durham’s filing does not allege that the content of communications was the subject of spying.

The firm that the tech executive worked for had “come to access and maintain dedicated servers” for the EOP as part of what Durham called a “sensitive arrangement.”