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Ted Cruz Was ‘On Fire’ This Weekend – The Senator Burns Queen AOC And LA Mayor Garcetti For Their Bare Faces

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You know, it’s painfully obvious that the Democratic Party is not sending us their best and brightest. If the last year has taught us anything, it’s that this group of liberals have no idea what they’re doing.

And, as they march towards defeat in November, their entire façade is crumbling. Especially their continuing mandates that have oppressed millions of Americans, including most children in schools.

Ted Cruz took the opportunity to expose the left’s many flaws. Embattled L.A. Mayor Eric Garcetti, of course, was at the Super Bowl. Once again, he violated his own mandates that he forced on locals. So, Cruz torched him.

From Daily Wire:

On Sunday night, Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) mocked Los Angeles Democrat mayor Eric Garcetti after a photo showed him going maskless at the Super Bowl…

Seeing the photo of Garcetti maskless at the Super Bowl, Cruz tweeted, “He’s really good at holding his breath.”

Garcetti had previously dismissed a photo of him maskless, claiming he had been “holding his breath.” Well, I guess he was holding his breath for the entire game?

Cruz wasn’t finished. Oddball socialist AOC tried to go after Cruz, making yet another strange jab at Republicans. Cruz wasn’t alone hitting back.

From The Right Scoop:

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez attempted some kind of weird, cryptic burn on Ted Cruz today and it blew right up in her face…

Then Ted Cruz dropped in and dropped the mic.

LA mayor Eric Garcetti sabotaged his own bogus claims about going maskless last week, during his Super Bowl appearance. The Democrat, who dismissed attacks about being maskless at an event, was seen not wearing one during the long football game. Cruz took the opportunity to slam the liberal, by mockingly saying “He’s really good at holding his breath.”

This is yet another sign of how Democrats want one set of rules for us and an entirely different set for themselves. If Garcetti is still so worried that he’d force LA to be under strict mandates, then why isn’t he following those mandates himself? Perhaps it’s because he knows those rules are nonsense—but he’s using them to expand his own power?

Then there is Ms. AOC. We’re really not sure what is going through her mind, these days. We always knew she wasn’t a real leader. She just exploited race to get a seat in Congress. But lately, she hasn’t even been pretending to care about her job. Instead, we just see clips of her partying in Florida, a state she has routinely attacked.

Her latest tweet was some kind of odd jab at Ted Cruz. The tweet just stated “Ted Cruz could never,” and showed a video of AOC awkwardly dancing. Users quickly mocked the Democrat, suggesting she was thirsty for Cruz’s attention. Cruz had the perfect response, pointing out the fact that she too was maskless.

When is the left going to admit their mandates are all washed up? A few have started to roll back these pointless measures, after two years of oppressing Americans. But the rest of the party probably won’t admit they were wrong.