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Supreme Court Takes On Historic Trump Case – They Hear Arguments On His ‘Public Charge’ Immigration Rule

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We all know about how Joe Biden went out of his way to open our border. His overall approach to immigration and protecting our country seems to be, “Did Trump do that? Then I’ll do the opposite!” The result has been nothing short of a humanitarian and national security, catastrophe. And daily, Biden is trying to make it worse.

When Trump was in office, he set clear and effective rules to defend our borders—while at the same time ensuring that eligible immigrants can enter. One of those rules was the “public charge,” which meant that aliens who would become a burden on our welfare systems could not get green cards. Biden tried to erase this rule—perhaps unlawfully. Now, the Supreme Court is taking up this case.

From Breitbart:

The U.S. Supreme Court heard oral arguments over the Trump-era “public charge” immigration rule on Wednesday…

After Biden’s Administration chose not to defend the rule in court, the administration removed the rule from the Federal Register. Then, Biden ordered a new public charge rule.

Biden’s actions likely violate the Administrative Procedure Act (APA) that governs federal rulemaking…

Chief Justice John Roberts said Biden’s attempt to circumvent the APA raised the question of “collusive action.”

“I’m not questioning anybody’s motives. I’m questioning the ease with which a decision in your favor will make it for an incoming administration to avoid notice-and-comment review,” Chief Justice Roberts told Biden’s Deputy Solicitor General Brian H. Fletcher.

The Supreme Court heard arguments over the “public charge” rule put into place by Trump. The rule was overturned by a federal court near the end of his first term. And Biden went ahead and got rid of the rule. But it’s possible he violated the APA when dropping this rule.

It appears that both conservative and liberal justices are concerned with how Biden did this. And what they decide could put this rule back into place. But it’s unclear if Biden will bother to submit to the court’s decisions.

The Supreme Court has ruled on many immigration issues during the Biden administration. Yet it appears Biden has refused to obey. The court famously ruled that Trump’s “Remain in Mexico” policy be reinstated. Yet to this day, we get reports that Biden’s DHS keeps releasing migrants into the country—instead of requiring them to stay in Mexico.

It’s becoming increasingly concerning how often Biden defies the highest court in the land. The White House is checked by both Congress and the Supreme Court. But when a president seems to be ignoring our courts—is he really a president anymore?

Source: Breitbart