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Russia Invasion Spins Out Of Control For Biden – Putin Makes Nuclear Threat, Oil Skyrockets, Ukraine Devastated

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Last month, Joe Biden shocked the world with his oddly weak stance against Russia’s aggressive behavior toward Ukraine. It seemed like Biden was only worried about a “minor incursion” by Putin against this foreign nation. Many warned Biden’s failure could give Russia a green light. Well, they were right.

This week, Russia escalated tensions to the breaking point, when they launched a full invasion of Ukraine.

From The Sun:

VLADIMIR Putin has declared WAR on Ukraine and unleashed his terrifying arsenal with a full scale assault on the country – plunging Europe into a bloody new crisis.

The tyrant declared a “special military operation” in Ukraine with a dawn raid after months of amassing his forces on the border and brazenly lying to the world about his plans to invade.

Europe and other world leaders are outraged. But Putin seemed undeterred. That’s probably because he knows Biden won’t offer much resistance. So, the Russian dictator is making bold threats.

From Mirror:

Vladimir Putin has appeared to threaten nuclear strikes if any country tried to attack Russia in retaliation in a terrifying speech.

The president said the “consequences” of any attempt to strike back following the country’s invasion of Ukraine would provoke a response “never seen in history”.

And the world is spiraling, already feeling economic consequences for Putin’s attack.

From Daily Caller:

The worldwide price of crude oil skyrocketed to more than $100 per barrel for the first time since 2014 as Russia launched a full-scale offensive against Ukraine.

The Brent crude index, the global oil benchmark, hit $101.66 per barrel Thursday morning, surging more than 4% overnight. The U.S. WTI index skyrocketed nearly 7% to $98.69 per barrel Thursday, its highest level since 2014.

Joe Biden went soft on Putin just a month ago. Now, Russia is bombing Ukraine, with troops marching into the country. An invasion of this scale hasn’t been seen in Europe since the 1930s. Much of this could have been avoided if Biden took Putin seriously. Russia had been amassing forces along the border for months. Yet Sleepy Joe did not take a stand.

Putin will only be satisfied, it seems, with a total takeover of this sovereign nation. The man has become so bold, he is threatening other nations that try to stop him. He even floated the idea of using nukes—a move so radical and brazen, it must be met with a strong response. Clearly, sanctions will not stop Russia from marching over Ukraine. And from there—who knows next?

The price of oil jumped on news of this invasion—only complicating matters back home. While most Americans might feel far removed from this crisis, Russia’s role in the oil trade will affect everyone. The cost of a barrel of oil has jumped above $100 for the first time in nearly 10 years.

So, what is Biden going to do about it? He set to make remarks later today. But unless his administration has a clear and decisive plan for dealing with Putin, his comments will come off as empty words.

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