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Trump Gives Update on Truth Social

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Former President Donald Trump had a lot to say at the Conservative Political Action Conference, but one thing of note was his return to social media.

The 45th President of the United States spoke to Fox News during the event about his new, Truth Social, app that has launched but still is not fully active.

It came when he was asked about Russian President Vladimir Putin’s ability to use social media during the war whereas he was removed from Facebook and Twitter.

“There’s death in Ukraine, and he’s able to use the power of very sick people,” he said of the executives in Big Tech. “These are very bad people that control it.”

He said, “what they are doing is so bad for our country.”

“Legal or not, I’m not sure,” he said. “And it gets a lot of people, we will tell you that what they’ve done is terrible, and we’re doing TRUTH Social.”

“Truth,” the 45th President of the United States said. “It’s about the truth and I think it’s going to be very big, and if you look at it now, how well it’s doing—people are amazed—it’s trending like, number one all over the place, and it’s going to be great, and we need it.”

He argued that his new app would give “a voice,” to people who can not say what they want to on other apps.

“Because these people, there’s something wrong with them,” he said. “They’re almost, perhaps, they’re sick. Perhaps they’re deranged.”

He criticized Facebook, Twitter and others for giving a platform to “stone-cold murderers and thugs and dictators at a very dangerous level” but “the President of the United States and other people are not allowed to be on.”

“It’s a disgrace,” the former president said. “And you know, I had hundreds of millions of people, but I think that TRUTHSocial is going to be a way of getting out our voice.”

“It’s going to be very powerful,” he said and he confirmed, “I’ll be using it. Yeah. I’ll be using it.”

This is an excerpt from Conservative Brief.