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Trump Puts Vladimir Putin On Notice: ‘Bomb the sh*t’ out of Russia, crime against humanity

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Former President Donald Trump put Russian dictator Vladimir Putin on notice speaking to top Republican National Committee donors Saturday evening calling what Putin is doing in Ukraine a ‘massive crime against humanity.’ 

“Are all of these nations going to stand by and watch perhaps millions of people be slaughtered as the onslaught continues?” Trump said. “At what point do countries say, ‘No, we can’t take this massive crime against humanity?’ We can’t let it happen. We can’t let it continue to happen.”

Trump also offered a novel solution to the crisis joking that the U.S. should “put the Chinese flag on F-22 fighter jets and bomb the sh*t” out of Russia. “And then we say, China did it. Then they start fighting with each other, and we sit back and watch,” Trump said. 

Trump also took a swipe at Biden saying:

“We have to have Biden stop saying that — and this is for everyone to hear — that we will not attack Russia ever because they are a nuclear power, right?

“You know who is saying this? Okay, whether it’s fact or fiction, ‘We will not attack Russia. You see, they are a nuclear power.’ Oh, thanks for telling us.”

Trump said of 2024:

“We will see a Republican president reclaim that magnificent White House in 2024. I wonder who that might be.”

Trump echoed some of these comments in a call with pro golfer John Daly that was released on social media.

Trump said in the video that he told Putin he would bomb Moscow if Vladimir acted up.

“They’re all saying, ‘Oh he’s a nuclear power,’” Trump said. You know, he was a friend of mine. I got along great with him. I say, ‘Vladimir, if you do it, we’re hitting Moscow.” I said, ‘We’re gonna hit Moscow.’”

“I said, We’re gonna hit Moscow. And he sort of believed me, like 5 percent, 10 percent. That’s all you need.”

“He never did it during my time, John, you know,” Trump said.

“We’re all talking about it. He didn’t do this during the last four years because he knew he couldn’t.”