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BREAKING: HILLARY IS BACK! Clinton Crime Family Does Unthinkable W/ Clinton Foundation … AGAIN!

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After years of speculation about massive crime and corruption from their nonprofit endeavors that forced the Clinton family to shelve their ” Clinton global initiative,” the goliath of Non-Government Organizations (NGOs) is back online and ready to take in some big money again- leading to speculation about a future run for POTUS by radical leftist Hillary R. Clinton.

This story is about the dream of the liberals- to use the government to design draconian regulations for everyone else- keeping everyone else out of the way -and make massive money for their posse, especially by controlling natural resources that should be shared by many. Check it out:

“The Clinton Foundation will reconvene its Clinton Global Initiative (CGI) to address the “steep” challenges facing the world,” a press release from the group read.

Jack Posobiec, a reporter and editor for Human Events, caught wind of the announcement about the Clinton Foundation update and speculated that the Clinton’s might be getting ready for a cash windfall from Ukraine.

“Just wait until they are announced as the ‘designated’ NGO for all these Ukraine relief funds,” Posobiec posted about Clinton’s announcement.

Posobiec received an exciting response from some of Clinton’s opponents, who post as “Financial Bounty Hunters’.

What is skeptically seen as a set of power moves by the Government elite to enrich themselves and cover up their massive crimes against humanity- is being pursued legally by the Bounty Hunter operation.

Popular second amendment activist Maj Toure posted about the general feeling toward the Clinton Foundation- which appears to operate in the United States without any concerns of laws.

Another poster reminded readers that Ukraine well enriched Hillary Clinton, so Posobiec may not be far off in his speculation about how the Clintons are lined up to benefit from the current and unfolding crisis in the region:

And we know there is pressure from the established Democrat elite to force Americans onto foreign oil and away from our own energy independence.

Andy Puzder, from the Heritage Foundation, reported on suspicious usurpations by people we know are not honest brokers for the United States of America or the American people:

So the setup for the and power plays by the Clintons to enrich their friends at the expense of the American people who have suffered so much already- seems obvious, and if feels like we are on the abyss- watching more crime about to unfold while we are helpless to stop any of it. Because frankly- what we have learned about the two-tiered system of justice is that Hillary R. Clinton may just be too big- too well connected to fail, or follow any laws.


According to the Bounty Hunters, they are still hopeful.

“We’ve been investigating this beginning in late 2015. We have a case ongoing currently in US Tax Court,” one of the Bounty Hunters wrote recently about the “pay to play” scheme involving Hillary Clinton, using the Clinton Foundation when she was US Secretary of State.

The Bounty Hunters identify themselves on Twitter as:

“Clinton Foundation Whistleblowers (Doyle/Moynihan); Our Apolitical Efforts Are NOT Right v Left but Right v Wrong; Testified at Congressional Hearing Dec 2018”

Here is that 2018 Congressional testimony, led by then- US Rep. Mark Meadows who was the chairman of the oversight subcommittee and a member of the US House Freedom Caucus, and who smacked the Department of Justice and IRS about their blindness in the oversight of Clinton’s nonprofit.

The Twitter Bounty Hunters are described in the following video as the “whistleblowers”.

And apparently, they are over the target- and still in this fight to bring justice to the American people over the Clinton Foundation corruption.