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Pelosi Loses It In Press Conference – Nancy Just Made The Case She Needs To Get The Boot In 2022

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The 2021 midterm elections are just a few months away. All signs suggest a strong push to elect Republicans in place of Democrats. Although the writing’s on the wall, Democrats refuse to see how much trouble they are in.

The outcome of this election could unseat old Nancy Pelosi, who might serve out her final term in disgrace.

Pelosi recently reneged on her promise to retire. She really seems to think she’s the best person to lead the House of Representatives. But we beg to differ. Pelosi has been a divisive and ineffective leader for years. And recent appearances have further eroded our confidence that she should stay in power. Just take a look at how she responded to the conflict raging in Ukraine.

From Western Journal:

One particularly painful section of her comments, however, featured wild, dramatic hand gestures, including a strange choking motion when she mentioned Putin, as well as her own personal take on which weaponry might be best suited for use against the long trains of Russian tanks that Pelosi shared a distinct desire “take out.”

“I think that aircr… that having more planes might be useful,” she said. “But that, I’m not … a military strategist.”

Even if you support Pelosi’s radical, leftist agenda, you can’t look away from this disturbing video. The House Speaker was asked about the U.S.’s response to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. She does a poor job of explaining why we aren’t responding with more direct force. But her odd expressions and gestures, along with her halting speech, leave us asking some very serious questions.

Is Pelosi suffering from the same kind of decline as Joe Biden? Sure, she’s discussing a complicated and tense topic. But her performance is totally unacceptable. Something tells me she’d have just as much trouble ordering a latte at Starbucks. I’d argue that this performance is worse than what we’ve seen from Joe—suggesting the Speaker is worse off than he.

If that isn’t enough to convince you she’s done for, here is another clip of her stumbling to explain herself.

From YouTube:

What did she just say? Pelosi claimed a bill that spend trillions of dollars wasn’t “government spending.” She even claimed it would lower the deficit and reduce inflation, despite the fact it increased inflation and the deficit. This is the kind of thing we can look forward to, if Pelosi stays on as House Speaker.

This should be enough to get every reasonable American to the polls and give Republicans the majority.

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