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The policies of the left involving crime have resulted in a massive crimewave unlike any we have ever witnessed.

These criminals have been emboldened by the left who view criminals as victims.

Take a look at this from Beverly Hills where criminals did a ‘smash and grab’ which resulted in 3-5 MILLIONS of dollars in jewelry being stolen, according to the owner of Luxury Jewels of Beverly Hills:

This comes from the Street People Of Beverly Hills:

“At approximately 1:46 p.m. the police department received a call of a burglary in progress in the 200 block of S. Beverly Drive. Approximately five people holding sledgehammers got out of a car and they used the sledgehammers to break out the plate glass window of a jewelry store. The suspects removed property from the display window and fled on foot out of the area. The vehicle they got out of was left behind and it is a reported stolen vehicle. Detectives have been notified and they will be conducting an investigation.”