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Texas Democrat Stands Up Against Biden – Cuellar Jumps on Board Legislation to Block Joe’s Lifting of Title 42

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Believe it or not, there are only a few Democrats standing up to Joe Biden’s agenda. A very few.

You probably know about Sens. Joe Manchin and Krysten Sinema, who both refused to support some of Biden’s legislation. But there are some other Democrats in the House who can’t afford to go along with his plan.

One of those is Henry Cuellar, a Democrat who represents a border district. He’s seen what Biden’s terrible open border has done to Americans. And he’s pushing back on Biden’s latest, terrible plan.

From Fox News:

Rep. Henry Cuellar, D-Texas, has signed onto bipartisan House legislation that would block President Biden from lifting existing Title 42 immigration restrictions without a plan in place to address the expected surge of migrants at the Southern border…

He said if Democrats “don’t stand up and do the right thing, they’re going to be hit hard by the Republicans” during the upcoming midterm elections.

Rep. Cuellar is joining Republicans and a few other Democrats to push legislation upholding Title 42. Biden wants to end this rule, which even he admits will trigger a massive flood of migrants at our border.

But Cuellar, who represents a Texas district along the border, is fighting back. Cuellar was the first lawmaker to blow the whistle on Biden’s border crisis.

He even leaked photos to the press of Biden’s overcrowded detention centers. Since then, he has been outspoken against Biden and his party’s support of an open border.

Cuellar doesn’t have the luxury of ignoring this problem, like Democrats in New York or Seattle. He daily sees what Biden’s open border is doing to hard-working Americans.

And if he wants to help them—and save his job—he has to stand up to Biden.

If Democrats were smart, many more would join Cuellar. This open border is destroying the country. Voters know exactly who to blame.

And if Democrats don’t stop the bleeding now, they will lose big in November.

Source: Fox News