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The Post Office Just Canceled Democrat City – They Halt Delivery of Mail to California Neighborhood

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How bad are things getting in liberal-run cities? Pretty bad, but we never expected it to get this bad.

In many blue cities, left-wing lawmakers seem to work overtime to help criminals. They’ve defunded cops and changed laws to put felons back on the streets.

This has become a nightmare for law-abiding citizens. But in one city, it’s gotten very bad. So much so, that the Post Office has canceled mail delivery in one neighborhood.

From Fox News:

The United States Postal Service has suspended services in one neighborhood in Santa Monica, California, because of repeated attacks on mail carriers since January…

Residents recently received notices from the USPS informing them that delivery service has been hereby suspended to all addresses located in the 1300 block of 14th Street.

This is pretty weird. The Post Office told residents in one Santa Monica neighborhood that they will be suspending mail delivery. All because of “assaults and threats” against mail carriers by an individual.

This individual “has not been located or apprehended.” Suggest that the police refuse to investigate.

We can only assume these carriers reported the incident to authorities. But the problem persists, meaning the cops aren’t doing anything about it.

It is so bad that the Post Officer is literally canceling that neighborhood. How insane is that?

We’ve heard about how, in some Sweden communities, migrants have driven out mail carriers. That’s thanks to radical groups who refuse to assimilate.

But why is this happening in a Santa Monica neighborhood? Why aren’t the cops going door to door to find this person?

And why are residents sitting around letting this happen? Perhaps it’s time to vote out the clowns who let it get this bad.

Key Takeaways:

  • The Post Office has canceled delivery to a Santa Monica neighborhood.
  • They claim this is because of assaults and threats from one person.
  • The police apparently have not investigated or identified the culprit.

Source: Fox News