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Marjorie Taylor Greene Gets Huge Win In Court As Georgia Judge Rules She Can Run For Re-Election

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A judge in Georgia on Friday gave Rep. Marjorie Taylor Green (R-Ga.) a huge win our a liberal group in court today ruling she can run for reelection. State Administrative Law Judge Charles Beaudrot rejected arguments challenging her eligibility over allegations she engaged in an insurrection.

The final decision will be up to Republican Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger. Greene said: “Democrats have seen how hard I fight for America First values with the GOP in the minority, so they are absolutely terrified to see me with the power of the majority.

“That’s why a Soros-style dark money group launched an unprecedented attack on free speech, on our elections, and on you, the voter. Democrats know they can’t beat me at the ballot box, so left-wing Communist activists tried to RIP my name off the ballot.

“And they failed

“This assault on our Constitution confirmed what we already knew: Democrats hate our system of free and fair elections.

“Not only do the Communists in power want to control speech through Biden’s ministry of truth, they also want to control who you can vote for by perverting our legal system.

“Thankfully this attempt to rig another election was stopped in its tracks.

“I applaud Judge Charles Beaudrot on his correct ruling and look forward to winning big on May 24th.

“But the battle is only beginning, the left will never stop their war to take away our freedoms.

“The Communists came after me, but they were really coming after you.

“This ruling gives me hope that we can win and save our country.

“Together, let’s Save America and Stop Communism!”

From The Hill:

The challenge amounts to an attempt “to deny the right to vote to the thousands of people living in the 14th District of Georgia by removing Greene from the ballot,” Bopp said.

The challenge to Greene’s eligibility to run for reelection was filed by five voters who live in her district, and the procedure for such a challenge is outlined in Georgia law.

The law says any voter who’s eligible to vote for a candidate can challenge that candidate’s qualifications by filing a written complaint, triggering a hearing before an administrative law judge. Beaudrot’s decision is not binding on Raffensperger, who must determine if Green is qualified to run for reelection.

Once Raffensperger makes his decision, either side has 10 days to appeal it in Fulton County Superior Court.

Raffensperger is facing a Republican primary challenge on the May 24 ballot after he refused to bend to pressure from Trump to overturn Biden’s victory in Georgia.

Raffensperger has decried the 2021 attack on the Capitol, writing in his book that he found it “highly objectionable” that “people are now trying to minimize what happened on January 6.”

The Georgia complaint was filed by Free Speech for People, a national election and campaign finance reform group,