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New Press Secretary’s Closet Swings Open – Evidence of Trump, Georgia Disinformation History Hits Jean-Pierre

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We know that the Biden administration is made up of unqualified people incapable of doing their jobs. That is especially true of his press team.

Many of them have already left, including his press secretary, Jen Psaki. But her replacement is far from a model staffer.

Because when the other party was in the White House, she had no problem spreading conspiracy theories about the election.

From Breitbart:

Incoming White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre, who takes over from Jen Psaki at the end of the week, has a history of spreading disinformation and false claims that elections had been stolen when Republicans happened to have won.

Specifically, Jean-Pierre denied that President Donald Trump was legitimate after his 2016 victory, and also pumped false claims that Democratic candidate Stacey Abrams was the actual winner of the 2018 Georgia gubernatorial election.

Jean-Pierre called Trump an “illegitimate president,” citing no evidence, during his time in office. She also claimed he helped Republican Gov. of Georgia steal the 2018 election.

Kemp defeated radical leftists Stacy Abrams, with the endorsement of then-President Trump. There was no evidence that the election was tampered with or “stolen.”

It’s pretty rich that Democrats have been harping on “disinformation” for years. Biden is even backing a First Amendment-violating “disinformation” board.

Yet he hired a woman who spread unsubstantiated lies about Donald Trump and Gov. Kemp.

Why should anyone trust this woman to speak accurately as the White House spokesperson, when she had no problem spreading lies just a few years ago?

But this is pretty much on par with this bogus administration. Its Secretary of Transportation is a corrupt former mayor with zero experience.

Its Secretary of State cannot even communicate with other countries. Its DOJ targeted parents for simply questioning public schools.

From all appearances, this is the least effective, most pathetic administration of our time.

Of course, it’s person in charge of the press is a liar.

Source: Breitbart