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Supreme Court Delivers 9-0 Ruling On 1st Amendment – They Just Decided Against Biden and for Christian Free Speech

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With news that Joe Biden is trying to control “disinformation” on the Internet, many Americans might fear their God-given rights.

But no matter how hard Democrats push to shut down our liberties, we can push back harder.

One group took their case all the way to the Supreme Court. And the court ruled 9-0.

From Fox News:

The Supreme Court ruled unanimously that a program of the city of Boston that allows outside groups to fly flags at city hall must permit the flying of flag with a cross that a camp referred to as a “Christian flag.”


“Under our precedents, and in view of our government-speech holding here, that refusal discriminated based on religious viewpoint and violated the Free Speech Clause,” Breyer wrote.

Another win for the First Amendment. The city of Boston was sued by a Christian group because it refused to fly its flag outside city hall.

Yet the city allowed all other flags to be flown by those who request them. This was a common practice for anyone holding an event at City Hall Plaza.

But the city refused the Christian group, whose flag sported a Cross, because they claimed—suddenly and without strong argument—that the flag pole constituted “government speech.”

Boston claimed that if they flew that flag, it would look like the city was endorsing a religious view. But that wasn’t the stance it had taken every other time a flag was flown.

The Supreme Court ruled that the practice of allowing different flags to be flown on that pole was never considered “government speech,” up until the Christian group requested it.

Because of that, the court ruled unanimously that the city violated the group’s Free Speech.

This is an important ruling. Because leftists who infest government will often hide behind technicalities like this to discriminate against Americans.

They will come up with bogus claims to restrict people from exercising their constitutional rights.

In this day and age, the left is getting more aggressive about deciding what we can or cannot say. And Biden’s administration is all too happy to help.

Without battles like this, our Freedom of Speech might wither away and die.

Source: Fox News