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Howard Dean Calls For Boycott Of Fox News And For Rupert Murdoch And Family To Be Deported

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Failed presidential candidate Howard Dean went on MSNBC and showed his true colors calling for a boycott of Fox News and the deportation of Fox owner Rupert Murdoch and his family.

Dean said: “I see the brand of Fox being hate, anger, dishonesty and now murder. That’s the brand, that’s the brand that the Murdochs have chosen to be their flagship. Rupert Murdoch has harmed this country more than any other human being in my lifetime, and he and his family should never should have been given citizenship. 

“The one thing I would change about our immigration policy is to send Murdoch back to Australia and keep him there with the whole family. If you cause that much trouble, you spread lies and hate and anger and tear the United States apart with your crappy TV shows, simply to make money, you do not belong, you do not deserve American citizenship.

Dean then trashed Tucker calling him ‘nuts’ before calling for a boycott of the most popular news network in America:

“You know, the guy is nuts. I mean really, you are going to take this seriously in any way?

“But he is dangerous because he has a lot of people that believe in this nonsense.

“I actually think he’s crazy.

“But he’s malevolently crazy and he’s a danger to the United States of America, and since we can’t take him off the air, we ought to boycott Fox.

“I’ve had nothing to do with Fox for many, many years.

“I won’t buy a product that is advertised on Fox. Unfortunately, since I never watch Fox, I don’t know what the advertising is.

“They are the enemy of the United States of America.”

Hollywood star Bette Midler seems to agree with Howard Dean.

Bette said: “Tucker Carlson should be arrested and tried for sedition and fomenting insurrection. #Murdoch should have his citizenship revoked, the damage he continues to do to our democracy will soon become irreparable. #NewtGingrich should be clapped in irons for getting him past the #FCC.”

She attacked Murdoch Saturday as well saying:

“Sadly, this list leaves off the most vicious, the ugliest, the most hate-filled owner of all, Rupert Murdoch, Tucker Carlson’s master, who has ruined political discourse all around the world.

“‘Own the press & 1/2 the work of. dictatorship is done.’”