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Nancy Pelosi’s Husband Paul Killed 19-Year-Old Brother After Losing Control Of Sports Car 65 Years Ago

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Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s husband Paul Pelosi is in the news after getting a DUI over the weekend. Pelosi was in Napa, California at a friend’s dinner party. He blew off a stop sign on the way home.

A jeep crashed into Pelosi who was driving a 2021 Porsche. The cops arrested Pelosi after less than an hour at the scene. He was cited for drunk driving and was bailed out of jail around 7 a.m.

The Daily Mail did some digging and found out this is not the first time Pelosi had had trouble with sports cars. When Pelosi was a 16-year-old high school sophomore he killed his 19-year-old brother, David Pelosi, in an early morning car wreck in 1957 in San Francisco.

David was a college freshman at the time of the accident.

A newspaper report at the time said Paul would be cited for misdemeanor manslaughter but there was no court case after the investigation concluded.

From The Daily Mail:

‘This is a bad stretch – better slow down,’ David is said to have told his younger brother as he approached a tight curve near the Crystal Springs Dam on the Skyline Highway – now California State Route 35. 

Paul, now 82, told Patrolman Thomas Ganley he tried to slow by shifting gears in the stick shift car, but lost control.

‘The car veered across the road, bounced back from a small embankment, climbed 20 feet up another, spun around and somersaulted simultaneously and ended upside down on the shoulder with both youths underneath,’ reported the Examiner.

The crash occurred at 2:40 am on February 22, 1957. Paul had gone to pick up his brother from a girlfriend’s house and the siblings decided to go on a joyride rather than go straight home.

Nancy Pelosi had a cryptic response to her husband’s weekend arrest near the family vineyard.
“The speaker will not be commenting on this private matter which occurred while she was on the East Coast,” said her spokesperson Drew Hammill.

The California Highway Patrol said Pelosi, 82, was attempting to cross Napa County’s State Route-29 in a 2021 Porsche late Saturday when he collided with a 48-year-old man driving a 2014 Jeep.

The jeep was traveling northbound and hit Pelosi’s Porsche.

The California Highway Patrol report does not say who was at fault in the crash. But troopers were called to the scene at 10:30 p.m. and arrested Pelosi nearly an hour later.

There were no injuries reported from the crash. The driver of the Jeep was not arrested.