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Florida Man Arrested By Federal Authorities For Making Threats Against GOP Rep Lauren Boebert

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A Florida man was arrested for threatening GOP Rep. Lauren Boebert’s life according to federal court documents unsealed Friday. Matthew Lee Comiskey of Palm Beach County Florida was hit with five counts of “Interstate Threat,” for making threats on social media in September 2021. 

His indictment was dated May 26. It was under seal until Friday because Comiskey hadn’t been arrested. The Justice Department unsealed the case Friday after “the arrest of the defendant.”

Boebert said in a statement: “I’m thankful for the professional and effective work of the Capitol Police and the FBI. The hateful and dangerous lies by Fake News outlets like Business Insider and the HuffPost encourage these sick people to make such threats against me and my family. 

“These threats will not deter me from my work to effectively represent the 3rd District of Colorado and secure the rights of the American people.”

One of Comiskey’s posts said, “I got my 2 amendment tool all ready to destroy Lauren’s face! Hopefully in front of her kids.” 

Another one said, “Don’t worry Lauren, someone is coming soon to show your face the 2nd amendment in practice with a copper jacket. Enjoy.”

Boebert is a very outspoken member of Congress and one of the most effective at using social media to make her points and expose Dem talking points.

She recently took President Joe Biden to task for his lousy job performance. She said on Fox News:

“The clowns are running the circus. It’s plain and simple. Now that men can get pregnant we have a baby formula shortage. 

“I would like to go back to the days when men should note get pregnant so we can feed the babies.

“Democrats are disconnected from reality. They think men can get pregnant and have babies and women’s sports should include men.

“They say the border is closed. Their solution to the formula crisis is to give the FDA who is responsible for the crisis a race,” she said.