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Media Group Backed By George Soros And Obama Staffer Buys Conservative Latino Radio Stations Ahead of Midterms

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A Democrat-led media group is making a move to challenge conservative dominance over talk radio in the Spanish-language market and will buy 18 major Spanish-language radio stations owned by the TelevisaUnivision network including a leading conservative station Miami’s Radio Mambí.

According to WLRN, the Latino Media Network (LMN) is buying the stations. The new media company is headed by Stephanie Valencia, a Latino outreach director for former President Barack Obama, and Dem activist Jess Morales Rocketto.

They will buy the stations for $60 million according to the report. LMN is a startup in the media space and raised $80 million from “leading Latino investors” and an investment group, Lakestar Finance, associated with major Dem donor George Soros.

A Univision spokesperson confirmed the sale to WLRN.

The move comes as a response to conservatives dominating the talk radio business in English and Spanish.

The Dem Party blamed Biden’s poor showing in Florida on Spanish language stations spreading ‘misinformation’ about Biden and the Dems.

That is what the Dems do when they lose, blame ‘misinformation.’  But many Dem strategists were sounding the alarm about the Latino to shift to the GOP way before the election and especially in places like South Florida.

The GOP was not expected to make gains along the Texas Mexico border during the 2020 election (they did in a major shocker) but everyone even the Dems now blaming ‘misinformation’ for their loss knew the GOP was going to clean up in Florida.

The group is buying important AM and FM stations located in 10 of the country’s largest Latino markets, including Miami, New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Dallas, San Francisco, Houston and Las Vegas.

Other LMN investors are Hollywood actress Eva Longoria and radio entrepreneur Tom Castro.

Valencia said: “Latinos are constantly trying to navigate the ocean of information.

“In some cases that is disinformation, in some cases that is very one-sided communication.

“In the Latino community radio still plays such an important part, and in places like Florida it obviously plays a critically important part.

“From some of the research we’ve seen, upwards of 70% of Latinos are getting their news and information about politics and elections from places like YouTube” and that Latino’s “are looking for trusted voices.

The Dems were furious Radio Mambí (WAQI 710 AM) called Biden a “socialista” who would turn the USA into Venezuela. So they bought it and wil shut down that kind of talk.

Valencia said:

“There are elements of Radio Mambí that are really important to preserve. It has been an important part of the community and experience in Miami.

“But we do believe in balanced journalism.

“As Latinos drive population growth in the United States and with minority media on the decline, now is the time to be investing in more resources to create content for Latinos by Latinos,” Valencia said.