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Anti-Trump RINO Goes After Boebert and Christians – Kinzinger Compares Their Stance on Church and State to the Taliban

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In recent years, we’ve seen a few so-called Republicans turn on the party and Americans. One of those “RINOs” is Adam Kinzinger.

The fake Republican betrayed the party and Donald Trump, to appease the left. And what did he get in return? Democrats gerrymandered him out of a job!

Now, he is turning on a rising star within the party and calling American Christians the “Taliban.”

From Twitter:

There is no difference between this and the Taliban.  We must opposed the Christian Taliban.  I say this as a Christian

She stated that the church, or more graciously put, the faith of Americans, should “direct the government.” It was a simple statement she claims affirms what many of our Founding Fathers believed.

RINO Adam Kinzinger went after Republican Rep. Lauren Boebert when she criticized “separation of church and state.”

But fake Adam Kinzinger (who will be out of his job at the end of the year) called Boebert “Christian Taliban.”

Talk about being tone-deaf. All Boebert was suggesting is that our government leaders acknowledge the values of the millions of Christians in America, rather than act like it doesn’t exist.

This is something they used to do for generations.

Kinzinger, who is currently working with Nancy Pelosi on her “J6 Commission” claims this is the same as a dangerous group who historically refused to let women receive educations.

A group that persecutes people from other religions and has sent Afghanistan back into the dark ages.

But he did more than that. By calling Boebert and other Christians “Taliban,” he seems to be putting a target on their backs.

That kind of irresponsible rhetoric could be taken literally by unstable people on the left. We’ve already seen unhinged leftists attack Republicans and pressure Supreme Court justices over the careless words of the media.

And now, a Christian Republican is accusing a fellow party member of being part of a dangerous, militant group.

He didn’t do this on accident. He knew exactly what he was doing. Like his allies on the left, Kinzinger is trying to “chill” the free speech of conservatives by dangling the fear of retaliation.

Which is why, more than ever, Americans must exercise their free speech.

Key Takeaways:

  • RINO Adam Kinzinger attacked Republican Boebert, calling her a “Christian Taliban.”
  • He said this in response to her criticism of “separation of church and state.”
  • Kinzinger is an anti-Trump Republican who is losing his district at the end of the year.

Source: Twitter