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Clarence Thomas ‘Unpersoned’ by the Mainstream Media – They Delete Tweet Calling Ketanji Brown Jackson ‘First Black Justice’

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What’s Happening:

Democrats just can’t do anything right, it seems. The liberal media wanted to celebrate the installation of Biden’s Supreme Court nominee. But in doing so, they tried to erase part of the court’s history.

From The Federalist:

ABC’s “Good Morning America” congratulated newly sworn-in Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson Thursday as the “first Black Supreme Court justice in U.S. history.” That would be news to Justice Clarence Thomas, who is also black and is still serving on the high bench.

Two black Americans already served on the court, including Clarence Thomas who is still on the bench.

But Good Morning America “unpersoned” Thomas and his predecessor Thurgood Marshall by saying Jackson was the first black justice. It’s hard to believe they did this, as an unconscious snub to this conservative man.

Only after considerable backlash did the show delete the post.

From Fox News:

ABC’s “Good Morning America” Twitter account made a major historic mistake when reporting on Ketanji Brown Jackson’s swearing-in ceremony as a Supreme Court justice…

GMA made the same mistake on their YouTube account…

The tweet was deleted almost five hours later, and the YouTube video was corrected shortly afterward that. A new tweet issued a correction.

Okay, so either the people running Good Morning America’s social media are total imbeciles, or something fishy was going on.

On both the show’s Twitter feed and YouTube page, they claimed Biden’s pick was the “first black” Supreme Court justice in our history.

But anyone with half a brain knows that’s not true. She’s the first black woman, yes. But both the posts said “black Supreme Court justice.”

Most people will assume one tweet to be a mistake. But a tweet and a YouTube video? That meant somebody reviewed and okayed both posts before they were sent out.

Users accused the TV show of “unpersoning” both Justice Marshall and current Justice Thomas.

This could be a case of the left trying to push a false agenda, hoping that enough people in the country won’t know the truth (and thus prop up Biden’s “success”).

It did take them hours to correct the mistakes after potentially many viewers read those posts.

Or, it could be that the liberal media is getting sloppier by the second. They can’t even get the news of a new Supreme Court justice right.

Something as important as this is treated with the same care as a drunk text.

And they wonder why Americans don’t trust the MSM anymore?

Key Takeaways:

  • Good Morning America was accused of “unpersoning” Clarence Thomas over social media posts.
  • The posts ignored Thomas by claiming Biden’s pick was the first black justice.
  • The television show only corrected the mistake many hours later.

Source: The FederalistFox News